ALL New Coaches : Provide SFYS a copy of Coach License = F equivalent or greater, USSF Online course + CalNorth Field Component. 
Note: At registration, proof of enrollment in certification course will suffice, but upon completion of BOTH the online course and the field component -
in advance of the season- coach must supply copy of license to SFYS office - upload, scan or fax ok).

NEW COACHES:DO NOT WAIT until just before the season to get licensed.
Licensing Courses always fill up, and there are no exceptions to this rule.

SF Youth Soccer utilizes separate systems to manage its multiple leagues.
  1. The Bonzi system is connected with CalNorth and is our umbrella organization, which insures the players and coaches in SFYS Rec, San Francisco CCSL Prep, CCSL Coast and CRL leagues. 
  2. The new TimeSlots system is connected with our referee assignment system for competitive game scheduling. More info and registration info to come on this system.

Effective January 1, 2017, Cal North requires an annual concussion training through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) training link found at:
CDC Concussion Training

This training is to be done annually.
Any existing coach or person that plans on coaching a Cal North sanctioned team, club, league, or state team using their 2016/2017 Cal North coaching pass, must take this class now. The course provided by the CDC takes 30 minutes to complete and is filled with useful health information.

  • Coach must supply copy of license to SFYS office - upload, scan or fax ok 
  • Coaches should retain the completion certificate for their records. 
  • Upload your concussion certificate here.

** You are free to choose (at your own expense) an alternate authorized vendor, but we recommend using a Capital Livescan vendor since CalNorth has a contract with Capital and there should be no cost to SF Youth Soccer coaches at a CLS location.

At left is a map displaying the locations of some San Francisco-based Capital Livescan vendors. Click to access most current list.

Team Name, Gender & Age Group
Coach Name

Supplemental Coaching Staff Fee

$10 per Competitive Coach added after 8/6

(Rec Coaches that do not require a printed player pass are exempt from this charge.)

​​​All Team Staff members must uselegal name in all systems
​(as stated on government-issued ID such as your Driver's License or Passport):

  1. Register as a Coach, Team Manager or Trainer in BONZI registration system: http://sfyx.calnorthlive.com/home.php
  2. Get LiveScanned specifically for CalNorth.
  3. Coaches : Get licensed or submit proof of minimum coach license equivalent. 
  4. Take online CDC Concussion Training. Upload certificate of completion.
  5. Upload or email info@sfyouthsoccer.com your photo: Headshot (facing forward, no hat, no sunglasses)



​Logins are unique for different clubs (you'll have received the appropriate registration link URL from SFYS or your Club/Team Manager.) The registration system is still being configured by CalNorth. In the meantime, manual registration is required:

Team Managers, Coaches and Trainers must sign up for the coach pool at: http://sfyx.calnorthlive.com/home.php

  • Returning Coach, Team Manager or Parent? Your username is your email. Click “Forgot Password” to get a temporary password and update your imported account.
  • New team manager or parent? Click “Create a new Bonzi Account” tab and create an account.
There are different types of team staff:

  • Rostered Official Team Staff require background clearance and formal registration in the Bonzi and Affinity systems. Head Coach, Assistant Coach(es), Team Manager(s) have team permission to authorize transfers, accept players, manage rosters from the back end. Each of these positions has a unique assignment code for registration and each of these individuals will appear on the official team roster.
    • ​​​​​Returning Team Managers / Coaches from Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 soccer season need only follow Steps 1 & 4 below. No need to get LiveScanned again.
    • NEW FOR 2017 : ALL COACHES must complete Concussion Awareness Training

  • Non-rostered Team Volunteers do not require background clearance. Team Volunteers may include the Team Parent or STAR (Specially Trained Assistant Referee). 
    • Each team will provide a contact name and email of a Team Parent. This person can, but may not necessarily be the same person designated on the roster as Team Manager. In instances where a club registrar or paid coach manages multiple teams, the Team Parent would be a non-club volunteer team contact.
      • Note: Team Parents are not required to be LiveScanned, unless they are also Team Staff (Head or Asst. Coach, Trainer, Team Manager). However, some teams may rather have their Team Parent register as an additional Team Manager so that s/he has access to Game Day roster to present to referees ahead of match.

    • All Teams must provide an adult Specially Trained Assistant Referee for every match. There is a short training required for this individual (and a team may have more than one, if parents would like to split the responsibility). These folks are reported to SFYS, but not rostered. Any questions or clarifications about this program should be directed to Rich Fern: richref2@gmail.com



There are several parents that have been scanned because of work: SFUSD, UCSF, CYO Coach or other organizations. LiveScan is a one time usage scan and it is common for coaches to have been scanned by multiple organizations. Organizations are not allowed to share your data between agencies. You must be scanned specifically for CalNorth (ORI Code AE689).

Coaches scanned and cleared for CalNorth last year do NOT need to be LiveScanned again for the current 2017/18 season. IMPORTANT: This process can be quick or it can take months to clear and then finally updated in the system. We urge all coaches/managers to get scanned as early as possible so there are no delays in activating teams or making passes. *The number one factor in delay of clearance is failing to use one's legal name for both the LiveScan form and their Affinity Sports account.


  • Make LiveScan appointment (some locations are first come first serve)

    • Photo ID = Valid Government-issued photo identification (Driver's License, Passport, Military or US Resident Card ...)
    • CalNorth LiveScan form (print from Bonzi registration system or from here)

  • After your appointment, send a copy of COMPLETED LiveScan form to SF Youth Soccer.
    The form can be returned via snail mail, fax, scan/email or drop off. The completed form will have an ATI # on it, which is critical data for matching the clearance with your record.