The soccer year is August 1st - July 31st, Fall through the following Summer.

A couple of important points for parents to keep in mind :

  • The soccer year starts fresh with the Fall season. This means that players are free to join any Fall team without having to complete transfer paperwork from the previous year's team. No player is obligated to a team based on the previous soccer year commitment.

  • However, once a player has been registered and insured with a Fall team, that commitment lasts the full soccer year (August 1st - July 31st). A Player may NOT transfer to a new team if the old team would fall below roster minimum, thus causing an entire team to fall apart at the whim of one player. So be sure of the team, for there is no guarantee of movement.

    Players may NOT register for more than one team.

Q. Why is registration for the Fall Season so early, in April and May?

A. We recognize that most teams have barely begun their spring season when they are forced to make roster decisions about the fall. Many players want to see how the spring goes before committing to fall soccer. Please sign up with the kids who can commit, then add others later. We know this is stressful for everyone, but the SFYS timelines are unavoidable, for several reasons. First, we have to follow the CYSA CalNorth and NorCal guidelines. Also, we have to secure game field permits while teams must secure practice field permits, and it helps the city’s Recreation and Park Department accommodate us if we know our exact field needs early. In addition, too many families are unavailable in the summers to complete registration. The best way to deal with this stress is warn parents early and often of what will be needed. After the first year, parents and coaches get used to it and it’s not as frustrating.



​​SF Youth Soccer is the largest youth participation program in the city, apart from the SF Unified School District. More than 550 teams (about 9000 kids) play with us. Because the City has determined that San Francisco parks resources should go to youth first, organizations like ours which serve youth are required to submit our field needs 6 months in advance of the season.

This means that: 

  • Registration for the Fall season begins in mid-April, just after Spring play gets underway.
  • Registration for Spring play begins in November, just as Fall season comes to a close.
  • Registration for Summer play begins in May, as the Spring Season comes to a close.

Useful Links : Registration FAQ (Fall 2017)  |  Teams Looking for Players