The Recreational and SF CCSL Prep schedules take into consideration literally hundreds of conflicts and bye requests as best we were able given the information and the field slots we have to work with. If it was possible to accommodate a bye or schedule request, we have endeavored to do it. In the case where it was not possible, we have taken into consideration the early AM vs. late PM offset.

For teams that still find problematic schedule issues, the following applies:

  • No change will be made without the agreement of both teams. If your opponents are open to moving a game (which may require a team to play a second game in a weekend or a second game on the same day), we are happy to let you know if there are any slots available, with at least two weeks' advance notice
    • Schedule Change Fee is $50 with minimum two weeks' notice.
    • Schedule Change Fee is $100 with less than two weeks' notice. 
    • Requests made less than one week in advance may not be considered because your current slot will not be available to others in time for its reuse or to offset cost of referees and a $100 forfeit fee will apply.
Pay Reschedule Fee
Team Gender/Age and Name
Change Details

What constitutes a Forfeit?

  • Not having a properly licensed and background cleared coach present at the game.
  • Not having the minimum number of players by game time.
  • Not having player and/or coach passes.



Preseason Mandatory Coach Meetings

Recreational Coach Meetings:

6:30-8pm @ SF County Fair Building 

  • ​Wed 9/6 : 2nd & 3rd Grade Rec Teams
  • Thurs 9/7 : 4th - 8th Grade Rec Teams

CCSL PREP Coach Meetings @ SFYS Office

  • Fri 9/8 : CCSL Prep Teams (All Ages) 

Season Begins : Weekend Sept. 9-10, 2017

  • Games will be Saturdays and/or Sundays. 


​​Season Ends : Weekend Nov. 19-20, 2017


FALL 2017  Travel Team Scheduling (CCSL, NorCal, CRL, NPL, USDA)

SF-approved Travel Teams in all regional leagues use the SFYS TimeSlots system for home match scheduling.  

FALL 2017  Recreational & Local Competitive (SF CCSL Prep) Scheduling

  • As of 11am 8/29 - FALL Schedules are Live :  REC  |  PREP
    Note: ​10/7 & 10/14 Polo Matches have been moved due to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Games remain @ same time, but now 10/8 & 10/15 at alternate field sites. Confirm your schedule.

  • Flights can be previewed here
  • All Rec & Prep Teams will get a total of 8-10 games, depending on the number of bye requests granted and the bracket size. No Playoffs in either league.​
    • 2nd & 3rd Grade Rec teams and U09 Prep teams will get 4-5 games to start with, then re-bracketed for second half of season, which begins on Oct 14th. All other teams, Rec & Prep, are scheduled for the full season. 

  • Every Rec group is mixed age due to Implications of Grade-based play vs. Registration Age.

  • BYE games will NOT be made up. If your bye request is granted the total number of games your team gets in the season will be compromised.

  • Limited Guest Play will be permitted within SFYS leagues (Rec to Rec, Prep to Prep). Specific procedures / requirements explained at preseason Coach Meetings and here.