• Divison Summary Rules:  Rec  |  Prep
  • Fall 2017 Online Orientation (Coach Meeting Slide Deck):  Rec  |  Prep


US Soccer Mandates at 7v7

  • Rec 2nd-3rd Grade and Prep U9 & U10 : NO PUNTING. Goal kicks. Throws by GK may not cross center line without touching either the ground or a player first.
    • Infractions are restarted with an Indirect Free Kick for the opposing team at the halfway line.

  • Buildout Line :
    • Attackers should move back to the halfway line when the goalkeeper has possession, or it is a goal kick.
    • Players must remain behind the build out line (just before halfline) until the ball is in play on goal kicks or when the ball is released from the hands of the keeper
    • The keeper cannot punt or drop kick the ball from their hands

​​Divison Summary Rules :  

Fall Guest Play Limitations

  • TECHNICAL :  Guesting from within League of Registration only (MYSL, SFVSC, WNB)
  • TECHNICAL :  Guesting within Division only (Rec-Rec) by Flight (not by age)
  • SFYS :  Maximum number of Guest Players per game:
    • 7v7 matches - maximum 3 guest players
    • 9v9 matches - maximum 4 guest players
    • 11v11 matches - maximum 5 guest players

Recreational Play Mercy Rules :

  • Take one player off after +4 goal differential
  • -1 point for winning by more than 5 goals

Prep Sportsmanship Rule :

  • -1 point for winning by more than 7 goals

​​​​Coaches have responsibility to know and enforce the Full Rules & Regulations (currently under revision), including the SFYS Spectator Code of Conduct. SFYS facilitates team registrations in multiple leagues, but only runs the SFYS Recreational and SF CCSL Prep city leagues in Fall and Spring. In both SFYS-managed leagues the following apply: 

  • NO CALNORTH (Digital) PASS or printed Game Day Photo Roster  = NO PARTICIPATION.
    This is true for rostered players, guest players and coaches alike.

  • GUEST PLAY is by Flight (not age) within league of play, REC-REC.
    • SF CCSL PREP Teams may NOT use guest players for Spring 2018 season. 
    • SFYS REC Teams - Guests must be pre-assigned via Affinity and requires communication with guest player's original team or club (parents can't do it). Scroll down for Limitations. Team Staff log in:  ​https://tinyurl.com/SFYS-SpringRec2018  |  Instructions