San Francisco Procedures
for Travel League and Game Management

All travel clubs are expected to master these processes. 


  • Leagues use GotSoccer to create games
  • SF & Leagues work to balance the schedule to fit SF spots
  • Volunteer schedulers assign field slots to those games.
  • Games in gotsoccer are “dragged & dropped” onto the assigned slots.
  • The ref system, PENSRA, is used to scour GotSoccer accounts for game data.

Registration (Insurance) is separate from league play. NorCal uses KyckPlay, CYSA uses Affinity. The roster data has to be re-entered manually for CYSA teams into GotSoccer; for NorCal teams, the roster data will migrate through the software exchange.


  • Teams use their GotSoccer team accounts to enter leagues
  • Leagues post applied teams and verify the teams.
  • Seeders adjust brackets
  • League post brackets for comment
  • Leagues post final brackets
  • Leagues use GotSoccer to run preliminary schedules
  • Leagues privately share these with SF schedulers to “balance” or “fit” the number of travel field slots SF has each Saturday and Sunday. Schedules are adjusted.
  • Matchups are posted in GotSoccer; these include game dates but not field or time assignments.

Long before they are approved to travel, most teams have built GotSoccer team accounts to attend tournaments. When a team travels, this team account can no longer fly solo.  

  • For CYSA Leagues, that team account must be imported into SF Youth Soccer’s account.
  • For NorCal play, that team account must be imported into the NorCal Club’s Gotsoccer account.

Importing these teams is necessary to do early, before the team has entered a league.


  • SF volunteer schedulers download master spreadsheets from the leagues. We sort for the SF clubs and then exclude the handful of teams playing on private fields to grab only the ones getting games on SFRPD fields. We copy these games into a shared googlesheet.
  • For CYSA games, we will use the SFYS GotSoccer account to “drag & drop” the games, and we will use the PENSRA uploader tool to get the games in PENSRA for referees.
  • NorCal clubs need to do these two steps themselves. For this, they must not try to use their GotSoccer team accounts. This is something done in the GotSoccer club account. Login to club account, click Club / Scheduling.
  • ** Sometimes GotSoccer games are set for 2 hours in length. SF travel slots are only 1 hour, 45 minutes long. So those 2-hour games need to be trimmed/edited to be 1:45.

PENSRA (Referees)

  • Login => Client (left column menu) => GotSoccer => Load
  • Set date range, league, Client, etc to see games. If you see OK, then click on the mini-icon of a spreadsheet to load the game. Confirmations will display.
  • PENSRA will not find games if:
    -- The club name is slightly different in any way
    -- The field is not data-mapped to PENSRA (often because a club just created a duplicate field in GotSoccer, same name but different URL code)
  • Checking for Games: You do not need to login for this. www.pensra.org => Information => Inquiry. Set filters to look to make sure your game is in. It can be tricky, because you might select San Francisco but not see your game if you’re using a Pacifica field. There is both an “Area” selection and a “Location” write-in. Also make sure your client is correct. For CYSA games, the client will be “SF Youth Soccer” or “Vikings SC.” For NorCal games, set to your client.
  • Checking for Refs: Same as above. As long as the “Referees” choice is selected, you will be able to see if the Ref, AR1, and AR2 referees are assigned yet. If it’s the night before your game, and you don’t see refs yet, email Rich at this address: richref2 at gmail.com


  • Always use the GotSoccer chat feature to communicate with opponents. The leagues want to be able to see the history of communication if there is a dispute.
  • The reschedule form is under Comp Team Mgmt Tools on our website. Do not send private emails; the requests must be auditable by SFRPD.
  • After a reschedule has been agreed to, it must be changed in GotSoccer and then also edited in PENSRA.
  • Editing games in PENSRA: Login => Client => Manage => Matches. Then click on the Game Number. Here you can edit details or put in Notes. Do not touch the SourceKey. To cancel a game, or postpone it for later rescheduling, change the Status from “Normal” to “Cancelled”. This does not remove the game from the system. It allows you to come back, find the game, and later put in new date and time and location.  

At this time, our Ref Assignors want league games billed through SF Youth Soccer. Cup games, or dual-play games not on SFRPD fields, should be billed to the individual club.


  • Home teams print 3 game cards off GotSoccer. Always have referees sign the game cards.
  • Home teams report scores. If your opponent does not enter the score you can enter it; if they enter the score incorrectly you can fix it by entering it again.