All 2nd and 3rd-grade teams, U09 and U10 competitive teams will play 7v7
For most, this is their first experience of a 'real' game with 'rules' and a 'referee'.

The 7v7 portion of SFYS at Home will challenge players to learn key skills for playing the game.

Players will learn 'how' at home with their parents and siblings.

Coaches will teach players to use the 'how' with 'why' at practice.

3 - Dribbling

Create obstacles or time challenges.

Complete the POWER 5 every day...

Parents: We want you to play too!

Don't just kick the ball back and forth - that will come soon enough.

Instead, focus on practicing these key skills to help your player develop for the game they play.

It's simple: 5 skills, 5 minutes for each.

4 - Wall Pass

Passing against a wall or partner and getting the ball right back.

2 - Ball Control

With the ball on the ground. Here there are lots of videos to have fun with.

1 - Juggling

Our favorite way to spend time with the ball, at ALL ages.


5 - Throw-Ins

An essential for beginners in the game.