Complete the POWER 5 every day...


Parents: We want you to play too!

Don't just kick the ball back and forth - that will come soon enough.

Instead, focus on practicing these key skills to help your player develop for the game they play.​

It's simple: 5 skills, 5 minutes for each.


2 - Advanced Ball Control

This will open to a variety of videos to have fun with.


4 - Bouncing Ball Play

Become familiar with the ball in the air! 

5 - Target Practice

Improving accuracy!

All 4th and 5th-grade teams, U11 and U12 competitive teams, and Varsity will play 9v9. 
9v9 Soccer is the real game, without buildout lines or 'redos' so it's time to get serious!  

The 9v9 portion of SFYS at Home will build on important key skills for players to advance their game.

Players will learn 'how' at home with their parents and siblings.

Coaches will teach players to use the 'how' with 'why' at practice.

A​re you new to Soccer? You can start here if you like

3 - Advanced Dribbling

Moves on the move!​

1 - Juggling

Our favorite way to spend time with the ball, at ALL ages.