Important Items to Note :

  • There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the age rules. 
    Younger players may play on older teams (up to two years older), but older players may NOT play on younger teams. Choose the age group for your team that matches the player oldest grade (Recreational) or oldest birth year (Upper House).

  • Click Here to print the embedded Roster Min/Max Chart below.
    • Cost is displayed at full price.
      Note: Returning players will automatically receive $20 discount when registering.

  • ​At no time may the team roster fall below the minimum number of players or exceed the team maximum number of players. Coaches and team managers, please use the charts below to determine what the team minimum and maximums are for your playing age group. These numbers are subject to change each year without prior notification. 
    • ​The Varsity League is for players in high school only. No middle schoolers may be rostered.​