• SFYS Nomination Slate

  • Floor Nominations   (Bios will be posted if received by 10/10 @ 5pm)

    Note: The Nomination and the Nominee Bio forms must be completed by October 10 at 5:00 p.m. in order to have new candidates names and responses appear on the website.  After the deadline nominations can be made by filing out a Floor Nomination form at the AGM or you may print it (see link below) and bring to the AGM.



Email: sfys-agm@sfyouthsoccer.com


  • Please arrive at 6:00pm to check in. Click Here to see which table your team's ballot will be available. (alphabetized by authorized proxy last name, Column D)
  • ​​PHOTO IDENTIFICATION WILL BE REQUIRED for AGM check-in and ballot issuance.
  • Attendance at the AGM will be restricted to Members / Designated Voting Representatives, Proxies, and nominees for the Board.
  • ​The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00pm. 
  • Location: San Francisco County Fair Building, 1199 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122 


  • Eligibility to vote at the October 13 AGM
    The team manager or voting representative (the “Voting Representative”) of each San Francisco team registered for fall 2016 league play or practice fields by SFYS (each a “Registered Team”) will be eligible to vote at the October AGM.  However, 
    No person is allowed more than one vote and controls will be in place to ensure proper representation (or to assigning a single voting proxy).  THIS MEANS THAT IN ORDER TO HAVE A UNIQUE VOTE, EACH TEAM MUST HAVE A UNIQUE VOTING REPRESENTATIVE.
  • Each team was instructed to declare a unique Voting Representative by September 8th.
    • Who can be a Team Voting Representative? As long as the Voting Representative is legitimately associated with the team, the designated Voting Representative can be anyone over age 18.


This is an important election for the San Francisco youth soccer community, as the new Directors will need to re-define SFYS’ role and mission, prepare, with input from members, updated Bylaws to be considered for adoption by members and oversee its normal operations. 

The AGM is the Annual General Meeting where SFYS team representatives come together to vote on proposals, elect league officials, discuss issues, and award coaches and referees for exceptional work. Over the past several months, old and new members of the SFYS Board have worked collaboratively, with input and support from nonprofit legal counsel, to formulate a plan and process for holding an election of Directors that complies with both California nonprofit law and the current SFYS Bylaws.

  • TEAM VOTING REPRESENTATIVES- Most, but not all, teams have an identified Voting Representative (See column H in posted list of Voting Representatives.)  If a team wishes to change its Voting Representative, it may do so any time before 5pm on October 12, 2016 by completing this form (closed). Note that teams who failed to designate a unique rep will not be issued a ballot to vote.

  • AGM ATTENDANCE - Attendance at the AGM will be restricted to Members / Designated Voting Representatives, Proxies, and nominees for the Board. If the designated Voting Representative granting the proxy has not previously delivered a signed proxy to SFYS, the Proxy Holder must bring to the AGM a valid proxy completed and signed by the designated Voting Representative in order to receive a ballot and vote at the AGM. 

  • PHOTO IDENTIFICATION WILL BE REQUIRED  for AGM check-in and ballot issuance.