Check-in begins 6pm  |  Meeting @ 7pm



  • ​ Board of Directors


  • SFYS Nomination Slate : (all returning volunteers)
    SFYS Current Board Bios

    • Brett Bonthron (current co-CFO)
    • Brian Bowen (current Vice President)
    • Cecily Dumas
    • Eloisa Tejero (current co-CFO)
    • Jean Teather
    • Kelly Allison (current President)
    • ​Kipp Kjeldgaard 
    • Po Bronson (current Secretary)
    • Vadim Krifuks

  • Floor Nominations   
    Nominate yourself or someone else for the Board of Directors
    • Print and bring to AGM.
      Note: Only Members may nominate (defined in the current SFYS Bylaws as each current Director and current officer of the leagues and the team manager of each team SFYS registers and insures within the territory).


If a Member Team Voting Representative can’t attend the meeting, their voice can still be heard. They may proxy their vote to another parent, a team or club representative. If you don’t have someone to proxy who will be in attendance at the meeting, you may use an SF Youth Soccer staff member. Importantly, Proxy voters are required to vote as the Team Voting Representative has designated on the form - so be sure to indicate your vote on the proxy form.  

If you appoint a San Francisco Youth Soccer staff person to be your proxy, return a validly completed and signed proxy form by 4pm Feb 27, 2019. Preferred delivery is via email at info@sfyouthsoccer.com. 

In cases when you appoint somebody else, a
 validly completed and signed proxy may be returned in advance of the Annual General Meeting by doing one of the following, in each case with the completed proxy arriving at the corporation by 4pm, Wednesday, 27 Feb :

  1. Mail or deliver it to the corporation at SF Youth Soccer, 1434 Taraval, San Francisco, CA 94116
  2. Scan and email it to the corporation at info@sfyouthsoccer.com
  3. Fax it to the corporation at (415) 504-8133

To acknowledge receipt of your proxy, we will make an entry here: 

2019 Team Voting Representatives.​​


  • The unique Parent/Guardian Member Team Representative from each SFYS Recreational & SF Competitive Upper House Member Teams registered and insured through SFYS and participating in our playing leagues.
    • Each team must declare a unique parent representative.  
    • No person present for the AGM has more than one vote and any single person may only represent ONE team. 
    • Note:  if the Member Team Voting Representative cannot attend the meeting, s/he may assign another person to be their Proxy. (Proxies are required to vote as indicated by the Voting Rep.)


  • Guest Teams from Marin, MYSL and SFVSC as well as are encouraged to send a parent representative or proxy to attend, but will not receive a ballot and cannot vote.

  • Associate Member Teams(teams in soccer organizations with 10 or more teams) are encouraged to send a parent team representative or proxy to attend and participate in discussion. Associate Member Team Reps are eligible for raffle prizes, but will not receive a ballot.

  • CCSL Travel Teams do not participate in SFYS playing leagues and are not required to attend the AGM, nor do they have a vote.




Check-in begins 6pm  |  Meeting @ 7pm


How the Annual General Meeting works:

  • Before the AGM : Deadline 4pm Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019.
    Confirm Team Voting Rep by checking this public Team Voting Representative List
    If necessary, Update Team Voting Rep by submitting this online form
    • Your Team Voting Rep can't attend the Feb 28th meeting?  No problem. Have them designate a Proxy to vote on their behalf by signing a Proxy form for them to bring to the meeting. Please also email a copy of the proxy to info@sfyouthsoccer.com so we can update the expected representative. ​(Any team parent, club or league volunteer in good standing can be designated to proxy vote. Proxies must vote as Team Voting Rep designates.)

  • At the AGM :
    Team Voting Rep (or their designated Proxy) attends meeting and (if applicable) receives ballot to vote.

    Only Associate & Voting Member Team Representatives (or their designated Proxies) may attend.
    • All Reps and Proxies must bring government-issued Photo ID
    • Designated Proxies must also bring their completed and signed Proxy form, which will be attached to the ballot to verify votes.

  • AGM Agenda 
    • ​Time Expectation : We expect the meeting to last less than an hour, excluding check-in time. Please arrive early to park and check in! There will be a short presentation, some amazing raffle items and an update on both playoff and smokeout strategies, plus our goals for the coming year.