These verified metrics include:

  • ​Whether the club pays administrative staff to help with paperwork and logistics.
  • US Federation License levels of Head Coaches
  • Number of Female Head Coaches
  • What their teams do in winter and summer, both for practices and games, including summer trips.
  • How much the club supplements the SF Rec & Park fields we all get by renting additional fields and/or gyms each season to increase the number of training sessions that teams get.
  • Whether the club has a NorCal account, and how many of that club's teams participate in the NorCal season-long State Cup playoff.
  • Amount of specialized weekly Goalkeeping Training a team's goalkeeper can expect to get, and from whom.
  • Whether the club administers a specific ACL Injury Prevention program for girls.

We do not have information on each club's pricing, because clubs present that differently - some charge monthly, others semi-annually, some include tournament costs and uniform costs in the annual fee, others tack on extra costs for those. Lastly, the costs can vary within a club depending on the strength level of the team, how often the team trains, or which winter programs they participate in.  


In the interest of providing clearer information to families, we are displaying quantifiable metrics on each soccer club's program. Not all clubs are the same in what they offer teams. Other distinctions are qualitative – those can't be covered here. During tryouts, coaches are very busy evaluating the players; it's hard for parents to ask all these questions, or get answers.