This clinic is aimed at providing winter clinic play that does not compete with any existing indoor or futsal team commitment.

It has been designed to provide a skill development opportunity in a small-group environment where players get a lot of individual focus. 

Your player will be in a small group and playing with same aged players, so they will benefit from maximum involvement, not waiting in a line, and getting hundreds of touches on the ball.

The hour practice will look like:

  • A welcome, roster check, and activation scrimmage
  • Skill development focus with games and challenges. Beginning with individual challenges and leading into player vs player challenges.
  • Scrimmage variations
  • SOCCER! Cheer
  • Dismissal

SFYS Director of Programming, Lee Dunne spent the last 6 years as a Regional Director for Challenger Sports to create coach and player development programs as well as supply coach education for the NSCAA and regional clubs. He has multiple licenses, including the USSF C and the NSCAA Premier Diploma.


If you have questions about the upcoming clinics, or your registration, please contact Lee directly :

The clinic is also a continued training opportunity for the SFYS Junior Coaches as they will coach groups of players. As in the summer, Junior Coaches will be trained and guided throughout by the SFYS Clinic Master Coach and Director of Programming, Lee Dunne.

There are two series of clinics this winter:

  • December series - 3 meetings on the 2nd, 9th, 16th
  • January series - 3 meetings on the 6th, 13th, 20th

  • Information on structure and expectations are below.
  • YES! Your player can do both series without experiencing the same practices over again!


2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders

December @ Paul Goode Field

2nd Grade, 9 - 9.55am

3rd Grade,  10 - 10.55am

4th and 5th Grade, 11 - 11.55am

January @ Paul Goode Field
2nd and 3rd Grade,  10 - 10.55am
4th and 5th Grade, 11 - 11.55am

  • Please arrive 15min before session to check in.
  • Bring a Soccer ball, water, and be dressed ready to play Soccer.
  • Shoes can be tennis shoes or 'boots'.




Paul Goode Athletic Complex in the Presidio was renovated in a a $9 million revitalization project and joint partnership between the Presidio Trustand University High School. It is a gorgeous multi-sport championship-quality, environmentally responsible artificial turf fields with an organic infill system, reducing water usage by an estimated one million gallons annually. The improvement has significantly expanded available playing time on the fields, which previously required 4-5 month closures each year due to the deteriorated conditions during high rainfall seasons.

As a designated community partner, SF Youth Soccer and other youth sports programs and schools are granted field use at no cost. 

Thank You, Presidio Trust and UHS!

SF Youth Soccer is proud to present a brand new Winter player clinic. The clinic will be focused on training the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade players in core skills and techniques, then applying them in a small-sided games environment


We have lots of high school age players, and sadly younger sometimes, that are beginning to age out of the playing leagues here in the city. This is especially true for recreational players.

Many love the game and want to keep involved, some also want the opportunity to earn a skill and earn some money.

Coaching is the perfect opportunity to give back to the game, to learn, and to even develop your own game given that you'll be experiencing it from a different view.

The training is provided by the Director of Programming, Lee Dunne, and his knowledge of training the coach will be key in developing confidence in the Junior Coach. The confidence is key to talk to parents about their player at the end of the session, it is also key to be personal with a player and to coach them on a 1:1 level - telling them how they can do better.




Coaches receive training through the USSF 'F' license class and through a Google Classroom with coaching tasks' applicable to the winter clinics. Practices will be planned by Lee Dunne and introduced each week via the Google Classroom.

The role is voluntary and any type of personal schedule will be worked with to get you the experience of coaching.

This is an opportunity to learn how to coach and learn how to lead a group of children. Everything you were taught by your coach, you will learn to apply to the next generation of players. Learning to coach with an official USSF license will set you up with excellent opportunities to stay involved in Soccer, beyond being a player. You will then be able to take on this experience into possible paid work!