Digital Photo. 
Make sure the picture is clear, bright, facing forward, no hat or sunglasses. Players can upload digitally or supply 2 hard copies per player (labeled with player name, team name and TIN on the reverse). Ideally, hard copy photos would be passport or wallet-sized.

REMEMBER : Child must be facing forward - no hats or sunglasses face painting or costumes!

REMEMBER : Photo must be updated every year (do not submit last year's photo)


Proof of Residency (Travel Team Players Only)
Competitive Travel Team players also need to furnish proof of residency. SF travel teams are allowed up to two non-residents @ U14 and younger, and up to four non-residents @ U15 and older. Turn in paperwork to your team manager - or
upload residency documentation here using our new upload tool.

Complete this list and mail / deliver to the SFYS office during our open hours, or email all to
​Reminder: Players must register for a specific team. SFYS does not host a player pool, draft or place players on teams.
If your player does not have a team yet, click to Find A Rec Team or Try Out for a Comp Team.
Concussion Training Compliance (All Players)
State law requires that all players take the CDC concussion training(Spanish). Turn in paperwork with all of the above to In the subject line of the email: "Player's Name / Team Name Destination.


The soccer year is August 1st - July 31st, Fall through the following Summer.

Registration for the Fall season begins in May, just as Spring play begins to close out. Registration for Spring play begins in November, just as Fall season comes to a close. Registration for Summer play with MYSL begins in April, as the Spring Season is underway. Winter play in Indoor or Futsal leagues are independent of our league, with separate registrations and may use separate player passes. 

​Ready to sign up? Follow the directions, below.

A couple of important points for parents to keep in mind :

  • FALL REGISTRATION: The soccer year starts fresh with the Fall season. No player is obligated to a team based on the previous soccer year commitment. This means that players are free to join any Fall team without having to complete transfer paperwork from the previous year's team.

  • POST-REGISTRATION & SPRING/SUMMER SEASONS : However, once a player has been registered and insured with a Fall team, that commitment lasts the full soccer year (August 1st - July 31st). A Player may NOT transfer to a new team if the old team would fall below roster minimum, thus causing an entire team to fall apart at the whim of one player. So be sure of the team, for there is no guarantee of movement.
NOTE : If the Player you are trying to add is already registered on a team in the current soccer year and would like to join a different team, that requires a Transfer, not an Add. Details:  REC TRANSFER  |  COMP TRANSFER
The online player registration process clearly indicates whether your player's registration is complete and whether there is credit card payment confirmation, financial aid requested or payment made by coach/club.
Payment by Visa or MasterCard (unless your Coach or Club paid the player fees)

Insurance & Emergency Information | Player Assignment Code
ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION: Players who complete electronic registration via CalNorth Affinity or Bonzi registration system will enter Emergency Contact and Insurance information, using the unique team Player Assignment Code or URL supplied by your team manager.

PAPER REGISTRATION: For players who are paying by check or doing paper registration must complete two (2) CalNorth Form 1601 [ English | Spanish ] , which require ORIGINAL SIGNATURES. Put the Team Name and Coach Name in the space for Coach Request.
Choose New LATE Player Reg Type
Team Name, Age, Gender



Government-issued Proof of Birth.
The proof of birth must be a copy 
issued by the government (we can NOT accept hospital or baptismal certificates). If the document is foreign and not in English, a CalNorth Foreign Translation Form 1627 must also be turned in with birth document. Note: The Foreign Translation document cannot be filled out by parent or coach.
  • All new SFYS players and first-time competitive players (Prep or Travel) must submit proof of birth.


Fall is per player fee.
Spring is a team fee.

  • 7/1-7/31 : +$10 Late Add Fee 
  • 8/1 & On : +$30 Late Player Add Fee (not guaranteed to play opening weekend.)


Spectator Code of Conduct
Players who complete electronic registration will not need hard copies of this form, because you'll complete it electronically. Make sure you read this document carefully, before you sign it, electronically or otherwise. It outlines parent and spectator responsibilities and obligations.
For players completing offline manual registration, this form needs to be signed by parent, with Team Name and Team ID filled in. Download, print and complete: Spectator Code of Conduct (English) (Spanish)