VADIM KRIFUKS (current volunteer director)

Soccer was not a part of my youth; I did other sports and very much appreciate how adults provided a positive yet demanding environment for us, kids, to grow to become better humans. Coaches and all involved adults shaped my character. Scotty and her team are doing a wonderful job running SFYS and providing affordable playing and educational opportunities for all SF youth soccer players. I am running to be a Board Member to support SFYS and the beautiful game of soccer. Through my kids in the last seven years I've been involved in micro, rec, competitive and travel soccer. I've been a Team Manager, an Assistant Coach, an Assistant Referee, an Active Team Parent and a Weekend Playing Buddy. I understand and value both club and independent team environments.

BRIAN BOWEN (current Vice President)

The experience of being a 5yr+ volunteer coach in the SF Youth Soccer community has been nothing short of rewarding. Equally, it has been my honor to serve on the board for the past 2 years. I have learned a great deal regarding the operational and administrative needs associated with helping our league continue to be considered one of the model leagues in the United States. I would like to continue serving on the SFYS board and keep pursuing my ongoing interest in making sure that all the children of San Francisco are being served by this soccer-focused organization. I look forward to finding additional opportunities to improve and optimize our soccer community in my service. Thank you for consideration.

Professional experience: Product marketing manager with focus on digital marketing.
Soccer experience: I have been an active parent volunteer on my daughter's recreational teams in San Francisco youth soccer. Committed and dedicated to helping out as a Licensed coach, Team manager, and Asst. referee, and any way I can. For 15 years, I played league soccer - outdoor and indoor in the Atlanta area throughout my school years.
Community service experience: Served 2 years at SFUSD Elementary school on PTA as a volunteer Board member in addition to my participation on the SFYS Board. 


  • SFYS Nomination Slate 
    • Kelly Allison (current President)
    • Brian Bowen (current Vice President)
    • Brett Bonthron (current CFO)
    • Jean Teather (current volunteer)
    • Heather Murdoch (SFYS volunteer, new to Board slate)
    • ​Kipp Kjeldgaard (current volunteer)
    • Vadim Krifuks (current volunteer)


KIPP KJELDGAARD (current volunteer director)

Kipp has served on the board since 2013. Past President: 2016-2018

I have been increasingly engaged in SF youth soccer since 2005, serving as a micro-soccer volunteer coach, prep and travel team manager, volunteer assistant referee and later becoming a licensed coach to assist my daughters' clubs travel teams. Since joining the Board I have engaged our partners, community members and staff with the goal of broadening access to high-quality and affordable youth soccer to all of the City's families.


KELLY ALLISON (current President)

Not only did I play soccer through college, I have been a part of the San Francisco soccer community for over 10 years in many various capacities. My operations background both in the corporate and non-profit worlds allows me the knowledge to continue to work on the policies and procedures we put in place that will allow us to keep expanding our footprint of youth soccer in San Francisco.

I previously sat on the board of Growth and Learning Opportunities, a non-profit after school program serving San Francisco public schools. My main goal is to work on making sure that we continue with outreach into all communities and we have been making tremendous strides.

HEATHER MURDOCH  (SFYS volunteer, new to Board slate)

I have been coaching and managing youth soccer teams at various ages and levels for the past 7 years.  I have managed and coached teams playing in Microsoccer, SFYS Rec, SFYS Upper House and CCSL and, for the first time this season, Indoor Soccer.  All 4 of my children play soccer with one currently on a travel team, one playing Upper House and two on Rec teams. As a result I have direct experience with many different levels of soccer in San Francisco and in the Bay Area as a parent, as a Team Manager and as a Coach.  

I am the Extra-curricular Sports Coordinator for the Elementary School that my all my children attend(ed) which means I help facilitate the creation of Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Indoor Soccer teams and provide support to the individual team managers and coaches as they navigate the various San Francisco sports leagues and their requirements.   

I believe that participation in team sport is incredibly beneficial for children.  It keeps them active, teaches them resilience and leadership skills and can help build lifelong friendships.  I want to be a part of growing soccer in San Francisco so that every child that wants to play is able to. Participation in soccer drops off around the age of 11/12 and I would love to expand the available soccer options in San Francisco so that more kids can play soccer through Middle and High School.


I coached in SFYS at both the Rec and Prep level for a total of 6 years (12 seasons), served as an Age Commissioner prior to being appointed to the Board, and have subsequently served as CFO for two years.

Continue to advocate for the roots of SFYS - Recreational soccer and a Prep league that focuses on San Francisco kids. Soccer in the US is rife with the "pay to play" issue and this new start for youth soccer in San Francisco is a tremendous step in fighting the privilege wealth brings to Club teams in San Francisco... (which includes my own child!)

JEAN TEATHER  (current volunteer director)

I would like to serve on the board for a third term because I care deeply about promoting a strong and positive youth soccer ecosystem that is accessible to all families.

I have over fifteen years experience as a product management and business leader for digital media products and a strong soccer background. I played neighborhood Rec to ODP, rolled on in college, the W-League, and am currently playing over-35. When I was in middle school, my local soccer shop asked me to help with summer camps and coaching became my summertime and part-time gig on into college. Most recently, I returned to coaching as a way to give back to the community and spend time with my kids. I have a passion for youth soccer and believe in the SFYS mission and community.