​​​CCSL PREP Rules Summary


CCSL Prep is a competitive league of approximately 150 teams, from Marin through South San Francisco, 2008 to 2004 in age. CCSL Prep is primarily Silver and Bronze strength select teams, with a few Copper strength brackets. For the vast majority of teams, the competition is strong enough to provide a good challenge. Many teams prefer not to drive long distances for games every week, and recognize they can see new competition by traveling to an occasional tournament. 

CCSL Prep is a significant step up from Recreational soccer, both in strength of play and in the commitment required. Some clubs have a minimum playing time policy, but the league does not have any such rule or guarantee. Almost all the CCSL Prep teams play at least fall and spring. The majority of teams attend tournaments. Many teams also play winter futsal and/or summer league.

​Generally speaking, our rules mirror the rules of CCSL, which are posted at www.calnorth.org. While there is no "mercy rule" persay, games should not get too lopsided. You can win by a score differential of +7. If you outscore the opponent by more than 7 goals, you will get only 2 standings points for your win instead of 3.