When you find your game:

  • On the far right column of the results, you can see the ref staffing.
  • If there is a green circle with OK in it, a ref is in that position.
  • If you see a blue square with an O in it (which stands for "Open"), a ref has not yet signed up.
  • If you see a gray square, our District youth ref assigner has requested a certain ref to take the game, but it has not yet been confirmed.

  • Go to www.pensra.org
  • On the left column menu, select "Information" >> Then select "Inquiry" OR Click the little tiny "Inquiry" link at the top of the page

  • Use the Filters to find your game.
    If you are a NorCal club, set the "Client" to your club. 
    If you are not a NorCal club set the "Client" to SF Youth Soccer.
    Select your Playing League. Then type into the "team" field some part of your team name, such as "Alianza." 


If your game is NOT in PENSRA, before you send the form check for these common issues:

  • Is your club name in GotSoccer slightly different than other teams in your club? (Some use "SF," others spell "San Francisco")
  • If your game is technically in Pacifica or outside SF, change the city in the filters.
  • Search for only part of your team name; PENSRA will ignore club names so it may display SF Glens Purple 01 as only "Purple 01" 
  • Try selecting "All" for Playing League and Client and then use your browser search tool to find your game.