If your game is NOT in PENSRA, before you send the form check for these common issues:

  • Is your club name in GotSoccer slightly different than other teams in your club? (Some use "SF," others spell "San Francisco")
  • If your game is technically in Pacifica or outside SF, change the city in the filters.
  • Search for only part of your team name; PENSRA will ignore club names so it may display SF Glens Purple 01 as only "Purple 01" 
  • Try selecting "All" for Playing League and Client and then use your browser search tool to find your game. 

When you find your game:

  • On the far right column of the results, you can see the ref staffing.
  • If there is a green circle with OK in it, a ref is in that position.
  • If you see a blue square with an O in it (which stands for "Open"), a ref has not yet signed up.
  • If you see a gray square, our District youth ref assigner has requested a certain ref to take the game, but it has not yet been confirmed.

  • Go to
  • On the left column menu, select "Information" >> Then select "Inquiry" OR Click the little tiny "Inquiry" link at the top of the page

  • Use the Filters to find your game.
    If you are a NorCal club, set the "Client" to your club. 
    If you are not a NorCal club set the "Client" to SF Youth Soccer.
    Select your Playing League. Then type into the "team" field some part of your team name, such as "Alianza."