Welcome to the Coach Connection Page!

This page is for teams looking to hire a coach for their team.

  • Note: Clubs looking for coaches must still individually list the teams you are hiring for.

For coaches looking for teams:

  • Coaches interested in coaching with SFYS in clinics and programs should email Lee
  • Check out the listed teams and contact the team representative to discuss the position.

Once you have completed the process of hiring, or not:

  • ​Email info@sfyouthsoccer.com to have your listing removed.

Team representatives, if you would like to list your team, please complete the online


For coaches and teams going through this process, we have created this guidance for you: Coach Connection Guidance.

Teams Looking for a Junior Coach : if you would like to list your team to enlist the help from an SFYS Junior Coach, then please complete the online ​JC REQUEST FORM.