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Welcome to the SFYS Coaching Education Symposium series.
Once you’ve earned the appropriate Grassroots Coaching level certification for your age group, you’re invited to our Coaching Education Symposium series.

This is an opportunity to continue your education, get in touch with other coaches, and learn more. Training will be both in the class and on the field with specific classes appropriate to the current climate of coaching within San Francisco.

Symposiums are seasonal, and each season the content changes based on feedback, trends, and general interest. 

Questions should be directed to lee@sfyouthsoccer.com


3rd Grade Coach

In short, my feedback is that I was honestly blown away at how useful Joey's class was on how to coach practice sessions.  I've played a fair amount of soccer in my life (through high school as a kid, after college in multiple leagues for another decade, including founding a minor league in Arlington, VA).  Although I wasn't good enough to play in college, I've played enough to have thought I'd know what I was doing, and might pick up a good idea or two in Joey's class.  I haven't been involved in coaching at all, until my daughter expressed interest in kindergarten.
Instead, Joey seriously changed my entire perspective on how to run a practice.  Specifically:

The focus on decision making instead of just basic skills (e.g. passing, dribbling), even when the kids need to improve basic skills.
The framework of creating an instructional theme for the session, organized into one of four areas (attacking, defending, transitioning to attacking, transitioning to defending) based on what the team needs most.  This framework using the four areas, I think, provides the additional context for a real game that could easily be missing from isolated drills.
Organizing the practice into the US Soccer structured recommendation (warmup, learning, implementation).
The methodology of structuring my own practice session, and how to think about revising based on good and bad results.I inherited a team that went 2-6 last season (barely winning the two games), and really didn't improve at all as the season continued.  After 2 practices emphasizing how to build-out an attack from the defensive end and focusing on decision making, the girls demonstrated an amazing level of learning and completely controlled their first game, winning 4-0.  Of course, this is a small sample size, but I'm pretty optimistic because the change relative to last season is just glaringly apparent.  I had half the parents of the team approach me after our first game last weekend, insisting that I continue coaching, and super happy with the sudden change in the team.  And all this has given me huge motivation myself.  I'm sure this is over the top, but I'm really pleased, and wanted you both to know.
Please keep organizing this quality of event.  I'll be sure to attend more.
Regarding the classroom element of the symposium, that too was useful.  And the instructor was also strong.  And I don't mean to downplay the importance of the positive coaching message (which I have incorporated into our practices, games, and my messages to the girls).  So glad I attended that as well.

2nd Grade Coach

Had a great time at the coaching symposium and really enjoyed the presenter as well as the engagement with other coaches in the league. The field time was equally beneficial and would recommend this to any of the coaches of youth soccer teams. As always, SF Youth Soccer has done an amazing job in organizing, creating and executing a wonderful atmosphere for learning and fun.