Be thoughtful in your team formation.
Competitive teams practice more frequently and often practice more of the year. Some of these teams also play winter, spring and summer seasons in other leagues, and most of these teams also attend weekend tournaments around Northern California. 

If you are a strong Recreational team wondering whether to move up to CCSL Prep, we recommend you contact our office. Here are some considerations:

  • The Prep league will accept the strongest teams possible, and weaker teams may be seeded in Rec first to prove themselves. Do not promise parents a competitive berth without SFYS confirmation.


  • Hosting Tryouts? Best Practice Recommendations:

    ​​-- Remember that
    any offer made to a player must stand for 7 days past the end of the Tryout Window. That way, the families will have had a reasonable amount of time to consider their offers and make the best decisions for their children. 

    Let families know in writing what the costs are, and a good approximation of anything else they might get charged for in the next year. Teams/Clubs must post pricing information either on their website, in the Club Info section on the SFYS Tryout page, or both, in exchange for having their tryouts promoted to our database of families.

    -- Make it clear who the coach will be. Be very careful taking on teams you won’t have the coaching staff to cover. There’s a reason we limit a Head Coach to two teams -- scheduling conflicts and even practice conflicts can really disappoint families. If you don’t know who the coach will be, you should be clear about that with families.

    Do not promise what you can’t deliver. If you have room for up to 14 players for a team, only extend invitations to up to 14 players for that team. If there are quality players who end up without a team, you can offer to recommend them to other clubs.

    -- Let additional players that you like know they are on a wait list. Some of those you invite may go to other teams, and your wait list will come in handy.

    ​-- If you make offers for a full team but end up with a partial team, it’s your duty to
    promptly notify parents of the uncertainty. They may have another offer, or come off a waitlist elsewhere, and want to take it. Refund deposits promptly if they go elsewhere.

Implications of creating a comp team.

  • Non-elite teams cannot choose league of play - Teams U10 and older must must be at Gold level or higher to determine league placement (this includes CCSL Coast & Bay, CRL, NorCal Premier, NPL, etc.). City-wide Tryout Window and player commitment protocol.

  • Teams must demonstrate player development pathway with successful tournament play, directed practices, etc. 

  • Premier dual play restrictions/opportunities 
    • Decided by City Board 
    • Residency requirements for permitted SF practices
    • Team/Club management in multiple systems (ie, Affinity & GotSoccer)