Player Guidelines
Scroll Down for Registration Instructions and Screen Shots.

  • What You'll Need to Register : Player Registration Checklist
  • Players may only be registered on ONE team.
    • With rare exception, players may NOT play for both school and club teams.
  • Players may not be released if the transfer would cause the old team to fall below the team roster minimum.​
  • Players must settle any financial obligations with their old team in advance of any release.
  • Cost per player varies by division (Recreational vs. Competitive) and date of registration. 


Team Staff Guidelines
Scroll Down for Registration Instructions and Screen Shots.

  • There is no cost to add new team staff, however there are risk management and licensing requirements 
  • ​Coaches may only be rostered as Head Coach on two teams, but may assist on many.
    • Additional ​Implications : Scheduling Technology limits our ability to offset coaching conflicts. Coaches must be Head Coach on both teams that they wish not to conflict. We cannot offset more than two teams or teams with different Head Coaches.
  • Team Managers may manage one or many teams. 



Register in the Affinity System

Click the Registration tab at the TOP RIGHT.​





Log in to Affinity via the Registration URL

and the User Login link at the TOP LEFT

In the My Account screen (default), scroll down past family information and click Teams tab. A list of teams that you are rostered as Team Manager (or Coach) for will appear under the Teams subtab.

  • ​Click "Team Info" link at right of the roster you would like to view

Confirm Registration with SFYS

​The Affinity system does not notify SFYS that a player has added.
Your Team needs to let us know that a player has added. ​

Once the coach or team manager has completed their online registration, s/he must email the office
[ info@sfyouthsoccer.com ] with your Team Name and Team ID (displayed under your team name on the roster that begins 0102-...) + LiveScan + Coach Credentials, incl. Field Training date.

The Roster screen will appear with Team Administrators (Coaches and Team Managers) displayed first, with licensing level (if applicable) and Background Clearance (Risk) status. Players will be listed underneath. Photos will display if they have been uploaded, as will payment information and date of registration.

  • To determine Team Assignment Code, click on the + sign beneath the Administrators and/or the Players to see the codes.
  • There are unique assignment codes for each type of administrator. However, players may all use the same code (-PL01, for example).

Players, Coaches and Team Managers each have unique assignment codes. If you've a late player or staff add, they'll need to know their code in order to register with your team.​ You can share with them the original instruction email received during the registration period, or you can log in to the system and find the codes from within your roster screen. (You can also add missing photos and registration documents if necessary.)



SFYS Rec and Upper House Players & Coaches:

Your Team Manager will give you a registration URL and a

unique assignment code. Coaches, if you coach multiple teams, you'll receive a different assignment code for each team.

Note : If the Player you are trying to add is already registered on a team and would like to join a different team, that requires a Player Transfer, not an Add.