Players can request to be transferred from one team's roster to another at no cost, at any time.

Note: additional fees or refunds may apply if the transfer occurs between divisions with different registration fees. n/a for Fall 2023

Before SFYS can process a request:

1. Players cannot be transferred if their original team will fall below the minimum number of rostered players, or their new team will exceed the maximum number of rostered players

    Players must settle any financial obligations with their old team in advance of any release.

    Players must return any printed player passes to the SFYS office.

2. One of the teams or the family must submit a SFYS-SAY transfer form signed by both teams and the player's family so we know everyone's aware of all player movements

  • ​​Click here and download the form (you won't be able to edit directly in the document)
  • We can't accept typed names as signatures, so if you can't sign in person, please e-sign or print, sign, and scan or take a clear photo.
  • ​Submit all signed and completed transfer forms via email to
    • ​Include "Player Transfer" in the subject line of your email to help us get to it quicker!



Depending on the team level (Rec vs. Comp), time of season (there is always a mad last-minute rush before season start, for example) and other technical factors, teams and players should expect at least5 day turnaround.


CCSL TRAVEL TEAMS- use the CalNorth Form 1606 + Team and Player IDs from the GotSport/US Soccer Connect system