Where to get games


SFYS Rec and Upper House League Games are reserved and assigned on the PENSRA website.

There are 2 techniques to get assigned to a Match:

  • Self Assign
    For these Matches you find a Match that meets your schedule and if you pass some rules, the Match is yours.
    NOTE : To use Self Assign you must have a referee capability ranking.
  • Manual Assign
    For these Matches you find a Match that meets your schedule and you request the Match from the Assignor. The Assignor may or may not offer you the Match. If the Match is offered to you, you then have the option to accept it.

How to find matches on PENSRA

Click for PENSRA
Full Instructions

1 Search for Matches at Referee:Inquiry

You may be overwhelmed by the '747 Cockpit' appearance of the criteria area. Don't despair. You can use this criteria area to winnow down and look for Matches of interest to you.

  • You can select by the hosting Club (SF Youth Soccer Rec or SF Upper House), the City, Dates or Location. Make some selections and click on 'Show'. Only those Matches that meet the criteria you have selected will appear. For example if you are a brand new referee, you may want to put 'Mine + Open' as the ARs criteria and 'Mine' in the Referee criteria and your home town in the City criteria.
  • When you click 'Show' a results list appears of the matches that meet the criteria. Nothing appears? The criteria are too strict. You control what appears in the results list by checking checked the data you want in the criteria box.

2 Find a Match of interest to you.

Scan the Matches that appear in the Results List. If a Match is of interest to you, click on the hyperlinked Match number to see more details about this Match.

  • If there is an available Referee slot, the slot will have the open 'Open' symbol.
  • If there is an plus symbol next to the open selfassign the Referee slot is available to you via Self Assign.
  • If there is an envelope next to the open mail the Referee slot is available to you via Manual Assign.
ref - Indirect


Newly trained referees should be look for mentored games at Rossi and Grattan fields.
U8 and U9 games are appropriate for referees with less than two years experience.
U10 and up matches are appropriate for referees with two years experience and up.

3 Click to Reserve a Match.
  • Clicking on the selfassign symbol will run a SelfAssign routine that will tell you if you are eligible to referee this Match.
    If you pass all the rules, you will be offered the opportunity to accept this Match.

    • Wonder why a Match is not available to you for SelfAssign? You can go to Referee:Inquiry-SelfAssign and check on a specific Match and try to SelfAssign to that Match.
    • Perhaps you see no selfassign symbols in Referee:Inquiry ? This could be because you have not established your capability Ranking. Go to Referee:Ranking

  • Clicking on the mail symbol will send a message to the Assignor of this Match telling the Assignor that you are interested in the Match. Most Assignors are volunteers and don't have the time to respond to every request - they may get dozens for some slots.
    • You will have to come back to the website to see if you have been offered the Match.
    • You can track your requests at Referee:Inquiry-RequestStatus

4 Track your Requests.
  • You can request any match that you want. Go to Referee:Inquiry-Request. However, use common sense. A 16 year old newly minted referee should not be requesting to do a center on a BU14 Class 1 match the week after they earned their referee badge.
  • You can track your requests at Referee:Inquiry-RequestStatus

Ref - Offsides
>> You are limited to 15 open requests at one time.
An open request is a request that the assignor has not read and is in the future. This is designed to keep referees from requesting more games than they could possibly manage.

How to Get Games on PENSRA
Game Assignment

What if I wasn't assigned a match within 24 hours? What do I do?

Check the PENSRA website for other open matches.

Why wasn't I assigned a match?

  1. Match was assigned to someone else.
  2. I haven't updated my profile to show I have a current referee badge.
  3. I already have more than three match assignments for that day.

How do I get more than three matches in one week?

  1. Check PENSRA website daily for matches.
  2. After 7am on Wednesday you may sign up for one additional game (if you already have three assigned matches) for that weekend.
  3. After 7am on Thursday you may request as many matches as you would like to officiate that weekend.
Ref- Substitution


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Contact Rich Fern at richref2@gmail.com with questions.