• Complete ​Score Report after matches. 

After each game, each coach will File a Game Report via the Affinity system. 
Log In, find your team(s), select your game, and let us know the results as well as any relevant game information (referee, field, other team, quality of play, etc.). SFYS takes game reports very seriously, for bracketing. If the scoreline does not reflect the game, make sure to let us know why. 

Witness a Fair Play issue that requires immediate attention?

Observations, Comments, Compliments, Highlights? 

  • ​Drop us an email: SFYSFairPlay@sfyouthsoccer.com

ZERO TOLERANCE approach to Referee Criticism
League Rules contain a flat prohibition against criticism of referees by coaches, parents or any other participant on the field of play. The FPC takes violations of this prohibition very seriously, and evaluates allegations of rules violations involving referee criticism from the point of view of the conduct experienced by the referee and not the intent of the participant. 

Almost always, Fair Play incidents arise because a grown-up felt righteous anger in defense of children - the person felt that the referee had cheated his or her team, or felt that one tackle had been too hard. Let the referee call the game. If you ever feel that your children are not safe, the appropriate thing to do is not to argue with the ref or the other coach. Always de-escalate, never escalate.

The Head Coach is responsible for the behavior of the spectators on the sideline and for the behavior of all Assistant Coaches, and the Head Coach will bear the brunt of any disciplinary action. At the time of the incident: 

  • Speak with a Field Marshal
  • Call the Game Day Hotline @ 415-794-2974
  • Take your players off the field and go home, making sure to document your experience in your Game Report.  

What are consequences of a disciplinary action?  View the Fair Play Matrix
One of three types of sanctions for rules violations:

  1. Warnings – less severe report of violation, first time offense
  2. Voluntary sanctions – agreements between FPC and participant for participant to voluntarily sit our one or two weeks of coaching for violation of rules, or perform service to the league like refereeing games.
  3. Involuntary sanctions – formal sanctions issued by the FPC involving cases of clear violation of rules. This becomes part of Participants permanent record and the League shares info with SAY-affiliated leagues w/in the district. Usually results in a ban from coaching.


What is the Fair Play Committee?
It is the league’s discipline committee, a committee of volunteer SFYS Board Members. 

  • Reviews all game and referee reports weekly – discussing potential rule violations
  • Tries to handle all cases within the week, but no guarantee

What are disciplinary review issues?
On the whole, SFYS has had very few disciplinary matters. However, every year there are some incidents. Coaches arguing with referees. Parents howling and criticizing referees. Opposing coaches arguing with each other. These and other unsportsmanlike actions are not tolerated whatsoever. 
Depending on the severity of the matter, coaches and spectators can get a warning, probation, or suspension. Suspension might be for one game, two, or four - and if a second violation, can last the entire soccer year.