​​​​Team Availability.
Do you have at least one officially rostered Coach (with current season pass) available to coach?

  • If not, find a Guest Coach (any coach in the league with a current season digital coaching pass). Rec & Upper House coaches - show your digital coach pass to the referee to coach the game. If you are a Guest Coach, you can show the pass from your home team.

Can the minimum number of players required to field a legitimate match attend? (see below) 
Forfeiture fee is $100.
Can't play? Click here to pay Forfeiture Fee.

Check the Weather.
Remember - Check for rainout status until the hour before your game. If a field can be opened, it will be. Also, just because a field was open in the morning, does not mean it will continue to be all day.

​​Be Prepared.

Highlights of Game Day responsibilities include:

  • Home Teams - Have printed Game Day Photo Roster. It will print both teams.
  • Away Teams - The opponent will provide the game day photo, but you can print and bring one, just incase.
    • Remember: If your coach or (guest) player isn't on the roster, with a photo - NO PARTICIPATION
    • No paper coach or player passes will be accepted for play.
  • Make sure balls are properly inflated.
  • Bring Pinnies. If your team jersey conflicts with the referee's shirt, offer the ref a pinney so that your players don't accidentally pass to the ref! Also helpful if the opposing team is close in color.
  • Rec Teams - Have you considered your substitution strategy?

​Know the Rules.
Review General SFYS Leagues Rules & Guidelines, including NO WEARING JEWELRY.
Print a Key League Rules Reference Sheet for your referee: 
Key Rec Rules  |  Key Upper House Rules

  • Reminder: Scores impact Standings. Standings influence Playoff seeding.

​​Score Reporting. 
After each game, each coach will File a Game Report : via Affinity  |  via Digital Pass link
Log In, find your team(s), select your game, and let us know the results as well as any relevant game information (referee, field, other team, quality of play, etc.). 

  • SFYS takes game reports very seriously, for bracketing and playoff seeding. If the scoreline does not reflect the game, make sure to let us know why. 
  • Be sure to highlight whether your opponent or the referee was notably wonderful or terrible. We honor our referees and our top coaches at the end of the season, based on reporting.

​​Fair Play.
Good Sportsmanship is expected and required by all staff and players. Should your team encounter an egregious situation - call the
Game Day Hotline: 415-794-2974, and further alert San Francisco Youth Soccer officials by submitting a Fair Play Report with pertinent details and follow-up contact information.
Click for more information about the league Fair Play Committee.