How it works - Teams select and register for their preferred date(s) and time(s).

SFYS will provide you access to BowNets for game play, if you would like them.

The field - There is space for 4 teams/hour at Paul Goode Field and any SFYS league team
​can use it. If the field is open for 3 hours, you may use it for 3 hours!

Why - Play is important for players to love, experience, and enjoy the game of Soccer.
​The space that SFYS has made available is addressing that for the players.​



Why Team Time? 

"Matt (Peabody Orcas 09B White) and Tony and I (4th - Peabody Orcas Boys) took our teams down there on April 20th for a scrimmage.  Tony refereed but basically we just let the kids play.  All the players had a wonderful time and it really reinforced for me how valuable it is to have the kids play soccer just for the love of playing.  It seems that too many of the kids in the city are only playing during adult-led practices or in adult-coached games."  

Come back soon to register for in-person Team Time! 

Questions should be directed to Lee Dunne, SFYS Director of Programming.

Some of the teams that joined us in 2019 ...


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Thank you to the Presidio Trust and University High School for their community partnership and the use of the Paul Goode practice pitch!

Some of the teams that joined us in 2018 ...

SFYS is excited to continue to offer team playing opportunities, at Paul Goode Field.

The clinics were introduced in 2016 to provide additional practice and play opportunities for team coaches and players that want to play even more. Most teams practice once, some twice.

In addition to the clinics, this is additional for teams to enjoy more time together and more time with the ball. All teams from SFYS Recreational and SF Upper House are invited to join us on a date / time that suits their schedule.

The space is free and is part of #PlaySFYS