Registration this year will be in an entirely new system, Sports Logic's SQWAD.

Players, Coaches and Managers may register online or via mobile app.


Enter your Team Name and the Forfeit Date and click the Pay Now Button to pay the $100 Forfeiture Fee.

Step 1:  Team Primary Contact - Complete the Intent to Play Fall form 

Step 2:  (optional, but highly recommended) Download the SQWAD app

Have you added a new person to your roster?

The Affinity registration system syncs around midnight automatically = so to make sure your new members appear on the Game Day Photo Roster, make sure print it the next day or manually sync.
To manually sync rosters before printing, the admin hack is this:
1 - From the home screen go to Teams -> Tournament and Schedule Apps.
2 - Click on View Tourn. App.
3 - Click on Player Roster tab
4 - Scroll to bottom-left of page, click on Sync Roster button

Make sure the player or coach appears on the roster before informing them that their add is complete - or invite them to show up at the match intending to participate. Players and Coaches who do not appear on the Game Day Photo Roster may not participate.

Team Name & Forfeit Date
  • $100 : All RECREATIONAL Players 2nd - 8th Grades  
  • $150 : All Competitive Players
               SF Competitive Upper House & SFYS Varsity

​​2022 FALL SEASON ​​

Spring Team Roster Management


Step 3: Team Primary Contact - Create SQWAD Account (via app or via browser)

  • Returning Team Admins: If you were rostered in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 with SFYS or Microsoccer, you have an account in the system already. Use the same email you used in Affinity and choose " Forgot your password" link to create a password you'll remember.
  • All Team Admins must Upload a current photo

Step 4: Team Primary Contact - Create Team 

  • Make sure to choose SFYS Leagues

Step 5: Invite additional Team Admins

  • All Teams must have at least TWO (2) Team Admins
  • All returning coaches and team managers are in the system and should follow the same registration process as the Team Primary Contact.
  • All Team Admins must complete the Team Staff Registration Requirements. Photos and certifications can be uploaded to SQWAD, via app or browser. Photo submission reminder: facing forward, no hat or sunglasses on. 

Step 6: Invite Players

  • Team Roster Minimums & Maximums

  • (Parents or Guardians of) All Youth Players must complete the Player Registration Requirements. (Varsity players age 18+ must register themselves.) If the player is returning and their birthdate already validated, they will not need to upload a new proof of birth. ALL players will need to upload a current photo (facing forward, no hat or sunglasses on). 
    • ​Returning Players (players that participated in SF Microsoccer, SFYS Recreational, SF Competitive Upper House or SFYS Varsity) should be in system. When you invite the players, they too will need to set up a password in the system. Same process as Team Admin.

  • Players may be invited to join multiple teams, but players may only register for ONE (1) SF Microsoccer, SFYS Rec, Upper House, Varsity, CalNorth CCSL, NorCal/NPL or MLSNext team.



Fall Registration is a Per Player Fee.
Fees are paid per player, not per team. ​Registration this year will be in an entirely new system, Sports Logic's SQWAD. Players may register online or via mobile app.


Registration for Fall 2022 will be in a completely new system: SQWAD app by Sports Logic. It has both desktop access and a mobile app (recommended, but not required).  

While participation requirements will be the same as Spring, the process for registration will be completely different, except for the usual mandatory first step, which is to Complete the Intent to Play Fall form so we know who to send registration instructions to!



New Team Manager?  |  LISTEN 
​​Kelly Porpora shares her story as a team manager here, from choosing a team name to keeping players motivated and more!