There are a number of different regional and national programs to identify, develop, and showcase top players, provide specialized training and exposure to collegiate and national team academies.

Olympic Development Program & NorCal Player Development Program

ODP and NorCal PDP are US Soccer programs for elite players that allow a player to get additional training and attend Regional, National or International tournaments, while still remaining on their current club. Tryouts for spots in these programs are by coach recommendation only. NorCal Premier, CalNorth, et al poll leagues and clubs for player recommendations. 
All recommended players will be motivated, top players in the region. In addition, they should be players who are dominating due to their soccer ability rather than size and are looking for players with a feeling and a vision of the game, extremely well developed skills and a passion for playing their sport.

Research the programs and then talk with your team coach about the next level for your player. Typically your coach will need to recommend your player to the ODP or the PDP program.