• As with every season, ​​​​​​Players may register on ONE TEAM only!  
    • ​Players may not transfer between teams during the Spring season, so be sure to register with the squad you intend to play with!

  • Registration is easy! Refer to Player Registration Checklist embedded below.
    • Need Financial Aid? Click here. (SFYS Leagues only)
    • All Players #PlaySFYS : Players may play as they identify in SFYS Leagues.
      ​SAY Non-Discrimination Policy 

    • Note: In-season player adds must be submitted by noon on the Tuesday before the playing weekend to guarantee eligibility in time for the weekend match.

SF Youth Soccer does not place players or coaches on teams. Players find a team and register online with a unique code for that specific team. SFYS Rec & Upper House Players should refer to the instructions below: 

​All of the requirements below are included in th​e online registration.

The Player Checklist embedded below can be viewed and printed here.