Looking for a player without a team to join yours?

There are two steps:

  1. Let players know you're looking!
    Fill out a Team Profile on the Teams Looking for Players Form.
    Be detailed and thorough in your team description and your expectations. We also highly recommend that you check with your current players' friends and schoolmates for possible interest. Prospective players will see your team information in the following listing:
    Teams Looking for Players

  2. Contact players that meet your requirements.
    Once you've completed the form, you will receive a password to access the seasonal SFYS Free Agents Listing (link pending) of players not already rostered on another San Francisco soccer team. 

Once your roster is closed, be sure to send an email to
info@sfyouthsoccer.com ​so we can remove your team from the
prospects list.​




The soccer year starts fresh with the Fall season. This means that players are free to join any Fall team without having to complete transfer paperwork. No player is obligated to a team, nor team obligated to a player, based on the previous soccer year commitment.

Note that once a player has registered with a Fall team, that registration lasts the full soccer year (August 1st - July 31st).

Fall season : All Players are considered free agents and may choose where to register.

Spring Season : Registered Fall Players will be insured for Spring play, but must make a formal commitment to play with the same team in order for that team to register for Spring season.

Be thoughtful in your team formation.
When looking for a player, please consider these factors at a minimum:

  • Make sure you are recruiting for the right age group.
    Teams are organized by the age and gender of the players.
    • Players may play on a team in an older age group but not a younger one.
    • Girls may play on a Boys team, but Boys may not play on a Girls team.
    • Importantly, SF Youth Soccer leagues welcome participation by all San Francisco youth! In cases where gender identity is different from that noted on the birth certificate, SFYS follows the SAY Inclusion Policy.
    • There are no Coed divisions OR designated Coed brackets/playing rules. Mixed Gender teams play in the Boys division. 
    • The Team Age is based on the age of the oldest player on the team. Players fall into different age groups based on the Age Chart, linked in advance of every registration cycle on the Team Management page. There are no waivers or exceptions to this grouping.

  • Make sure your team has enough players to register.
    Do not over-commit and subject players to last-minute scrambling to find a team.

  • Request practice times and locations to fit your players' situations.
    Set expectations for attendance, number and length of practices - and generally where your team tries to secure practices (since the location is never a guarantee season over season).

  • Consider Player Strength / Playing Level
    Players register for your team for a full soccer year (Fall - Winter - Spring, just like the school year). If a player is not a great fit, players will be compelled to transfer or worse not play at all because the effort to keep up made for a bad experience. 

  • Coaching Cost and Coaching Credentials 
    Teams have different types of coaches and coaching styles. Are you a volunteer parent coach or a paid professional? Does your team utilize both? Make sure you make clear all fees associated with playing on your team.

  • Commitment required
    Make sure all players are in agreement about number of seasons played per year and number of tournaments (if any) attended each year. (This can vary player by player, but if the team intends to play year round and more than a couple of players don't intend to play Spring, coaches should be aware so that they can shore up the roster post-season.)