Step 3: Register for course under Course Details*
Note: All Adults must pass a background screening before being eligible to sign up! Cost to screen $30 and covers the individual for 2 years.

Step 5 (optional): Create a profile onPENSRA to begin self assigning matches!

Minimum age to become a referee is 13 years of age at the time of the class.

Information on this page is taken directly from US Soccer's Digital Learning Center and any direct questions about grassroots registration can be sent to Samantha Moos at

US SOCCER LEARNING CENTER  :  Obtaining A Grassroots Referee License

Step 2: Search for available courses listed under "Courses

Step 1:Create a User Profile on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center 

Step 4: Complete Online materials prior to the field session. All assignments must be complete BEFORE you attend the field session, with the exception of anyone under the age of 18 the SAFESPORT is optional