Reminder: Referee Grade Level Certifications have no relation to school grade levels.

  1. Why: Prior to each season SF Youth Soccer host 2-3 Entry Level Referee Courses provided by Cal North Referee Association. In Spring 2019 alone we trained over 100 new referees! Unfortunately only about 1/5 of those trainees were active during the season. It does the league no benefit to host training after training if the participants are not coming back to participate as referees. In an effort to maximize retention; SFYS is increasing the amount of time the youth participant spends learning field mechanics and referee responsibilities so that they are better prepared to succeed on the field. They also get all of the equipment and are drilled on how to dress/act the part; this differs from the standard instruction, as the participant is responsible for going out and buying all their gear. 1 instructor for 50 participants in a class is not an optimal learning environment for the youth referee & while online modules are easy enough for the typical self educated adult; this 'traffic school' approach to learn the laws of the game does no favors to the youth referee. It is the league's hope that a 30 hour week of instruction will better prepare our youth to be successful and returning to referee than the current infrastructure now.

  2. When: August 5th - 9th is 2 weeks before SFUSD starts and 1 week before schools in San Mateo, Daly City and San Bruno begin.

  3. Where: SFYS will have access to 7v7 and 9v9 (McCoppin Square) field sessions to adequately prepare the youth referee for nearly any match the youth referee might officiate in season! Each day will incorporate field training; a huge step up from the mere 3 hours participants get from the standard training course.
  4. How:Start Here!

Youth Referee Camp (USSF Certification Grade 8)


Note: Course hours may vary from CNRA posting.
​The hours listed below are correct. 

Referee Grade 8  | English

  1. ONLINE REGISTRATION :​ Complete Registration Form Here
  2. Course #29460 (select pay by check upon signup)

Course type: classroom (online modules required) + field training 

Class Location : SF Youth Soccer Community Room, 1434 Taraval, San Francisco, CA 94116

Field Training Location: McCoppin Square

  • Mon, Aug 4th  :  9am - 4pm
  • Tue,  Aug 5th  :  9am - 4pm 
  • Wed, Aug 6th  :  9am - 4pm
  • Thurs, Aug 7th  :  9am - 4pm
  • Fri, Aug 8th  :  9am - 4pm

Can't make all the dates?

Email questions or clarifications: 

David Reardon - David@sfyouthsoccer.com

Official USSF Referee Certification is tracked by Cal North Referee Association (CNRA). Training dates are posted throughout the year on CNRA's website. If you have never been on CNRA's website, you must create a profile before you can register for a referee course. The SF Summer Youth Referee Camp is listed under #29460.  A walkup code is required to signup for the course - complete registration in Formsite in order to obtain it!

You'll want to remember your CNRA username and password because you will need to renew your registration online every year to get your current badge and pay your membership fee. Note: If you are a minor, you may need an adult to help with online payment using Visa or MasterCard.​

At some point, additional local training dates will be posted on the San Francisco Soccer Referee Association (SFSRA) site.

Course Update: 

At 8pm on Friday August 2nd - two days before camp began - CNRA cancelled the course they had sanctioned a month previous. While our organizations sort out the disconnect, campers have been refunded the cost of the USSF Licensing portion of the course. Campers will be licensed as AYSO (optional), PENSRA and SAY Referees, and be eligible to ref in SF Youth Soccer Recreational & Upper House leagues, as well as other peninsula house leagues and tournaments.