The SFYS Recreational and SF Upper House schedules take into consideration literally hundreds of conflicts and bye requests as best we were able given the information and the field slots we have to work with. If it was possible to accommodate a bye or schedule request, we have endeavored to do it. In the case where it was not possible, we have taken into consideration the early AM vs. late PM offset.

For teams that still find problematic schedule issues, the following applies:

  • No change will be made without the agreement of both teams. If your opponents are open to moving a game (which may require a team to play a second game in a weekend or a second game on the same day), we are happy to let you know if there are any slots available, with at least two weeks' advance notice


Email requests will not be honored.

  • Schedule Change Fee is $50 with minimum two weeks' notice.
  • Schedule Change Fee is $100 with less than two weeks' notice. 
  • Important : Late Schedule Change Requests made less than one week in advance may not be considered at all. If they are, they will be subject to $200 change fee.

FALL 2019  |  SCHEDULES - links pending

​Season Format
Even with the Playoff requirement, as ever, Rec & Upper House Teams will get a total of 8-10 games, depending on the size of the flight, the number of bye requests granted, and (where applicable) progress in playoffs. 

  • Season Overview & Diagram
    • ​​2nd & 3rd Grade ​Teams will get 3-4 games to open the season with, then will be re-bracketed and scheduled for the remainder of the season (5-6 games), which begins on Oct 12th. ​2nd & 3rd Grade Rec teams do not have playoffs. 

  • Limited Guest Play will be permitted within SFYS leagues (Rec to Rec, Upper House to Upper House, by Flight - not player age or gender).No guest play during playoffs - rosters will be frozen before the Oct 27th game. Specific procedures / requirements explained at preseason Coach Meetings.


SFYS Recreational & SF Competitive Upper House Leagues 

Fall Flights are based on previous standings + team census reporting. Teams that did not complete a team strength census were bracketed at our discretion.

  • ​​How Fall Bracketing works : 2nd & 3rd Grade  |  4th-8th Grade  |  Upper House
  • ​Fall 2019 Flights (all Teams).  2nd & 3rd Grade Re-bracket Flights

The scheduling process involves quite a lot, including team strength information, scheduling accommodation, allocation of fields - and new this season, the requirement by SFRPD that we run playoffs for the older age groups. For this reason, we have strict rules around our schedules once they are final.

FALL 2019 SCHEDULES (See calendar for date of release) SFYS RECREATIONAL  |  SF UPPER HOUSE  

  • BYE games will NOT be made up. If your bye request is granted the total number of games your team gets in the season will be compromised.
  • ​​Teams that miss or forfeit more than one scheduled league game will be ineligible for playoffs.