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FALL 2018 

For Travel Teams, Clubs & Players:

SF Rules for Travel Play

Revised May 18, 2015 

U8 and U9 Teams:

U8 and U9 competitive teams from San Francisco will play in CCSL Prep, a division that plays games only in San Francisco or very nearby locations (Southern Marin or south of San Francisco). Competitive U8 and U9 teams will only be allocated one practice field per week during fall and spring by the city.

In CCSL Prep for the U8 and U9 age, players must play at least half the game.

The Fall U9 CCSL Prep season will conclude in an elimination tournament between the top four teams. The winning team will be allowed to travel for the Fall U10 year. A second team may also be considered for U10 Travel Play based on the conditions described below under Eligibility for Travel Play.

U10 and Up Teams:

For age groups U10 and up, there will be a CCSL Prep division through age U14 as well as full Travel Play through U19.

Age Requirement:

At the U10 age, no team which travels may have more than two U9 players on its roster. Any U10 team with more than two U9 players on its roster will be automatically slotted into CCSL Prep.

Eligibility for Teams for Travel Play:

Eligibility for full Travel Play U10 and up will be determined using a standard applied equally to all of the city’s clubs and teams across the board. It will be based on a matrix of league play and tournament play. Each year, teams interested in travel play will submit an application with a resume of their league play and tournament play, including web links to results pages, listing their opponents and information about their opponents’ strength. They will also have to submit rosters from tournament play; the use of guest players to boost tournament results will significantly discount the meaning of results. A team must have attended a minimum of three tournaments to apply.

A panel represented by the city’s leagues will evaluate these applications. Regarding each application, the question the panel is tasked with deciding is, “Regarding each application, the question the panel is tasked with deciding is, 'Has this team consistently shown they can now compete well at the Silver level?'”

There is no set number of teams who meet this standard (except at the U10 level, at most one team will meet this standard). During some years, several teams may work hard to improve and meet this standard; in other years, very few teams may prove it.

Approval to travel requires unanimous consent by the panel. In the event the panel is not unanimous, SF Rec & Park will mediate to help the panel resolve the issue. There is no appeal to SF Rec & Park directly.

A team must maintain a .500 record or above in Bronze to stay in their travel league; teams below that will be pulled back to CCSL Prep.

Dual Play:

We do not have the fields to accommodate teams playing in more than one league. Teams may play on the side in other travel leagues or NorCal State Cup or other tournaments, but it must not interfere with travel scheduling or CCSL Prep league play whatsoever.

Teams which do these dual play options cannot use San Francisco fields for those games, and if found to be doing so, will forfeit their practice permits for the season; in addition, the person who rented the field will have their Rec & Park account frozen. Any team with more than 6 overlapping players is considered the same team.

NorCal Play:

Approved travel teams now have the choice between CCSL/CRL and NorCal/NPL.

For the first year, 2015-2016, teams that are not in an approved NorCal Club can choose to play NorCal under SF Youth Soccer or Mission. After that first year, they must be in an approved NorCal club to continue in the league. 

Teams get fields for the league season only (fall and spring at this time). Not for winter league, and not for State Cup. 

Residency Requirement:

All teams which do Travel Play must submit proof-of-residency for every player on their roster at the time of registration. This information must be verified by each club and kept at file at their league office. Teams U14 and younger are allowed two non-SF residents. Teams U15 and older are allowed four non-SF residents.

Proof of residency must consist of either evidence that the player attends a SFUSD public school or in the case of a student attending private school a letter from the school addressed to the child or parent at an address in San Francisco.

No Schedule Changes:

We do not accommodate schedule changes due to coach or player availability. The only change we will consider are: 1) SSAT or SAT dates (but you must tell us these dates prior to the season being scheduled), 2. High School championship games, 3. CYSA Cup play.

Therefore, travel teams should either not reschedule in the first place, or offer to play away, or have their own non-SFRPD fields.