SFYS at Home for 7v7
Introducing the Power 5's

Encourage your players to participate, using the guide below. They will be working on the key skills required to help play with more confidence in practice and in games.

Your 7v7 Soccer Season
The season will be focused on the individual and their development with the ball: 

We will explore the key concepts for 'why':
Controlling the ball, Controlling the game
Dribble with a purpose
Passing for a reason

AND the "Build-Out Line"


Encourage and challenge your players with the 'how' using SFYS at Home

At practice, the focus is 'why' using the SFYS recommended Curriculum, found using the links below.

OST Practices
So, scrimmages and games are not allowed. Follow this link for training plans that will keep players focused on the overall development goals of the season.


SFYS at Home for 11v11
The power 5 guide relaxes more at this level. There are continued challenges, such as juggling, but we want you to continue to challenge the players relative to your team and their own needs.

US Soccer Curriculum
At 7v7 and 9v9, the SFYS curriculum has been tailored to the players and soccer experienced within San Francisco. The city leagues also do not host 11v11, so SFYS recommends you explore the US Soccer curriculum for your 11v11 practice needs.

SFYS at Home for 9v9
Power 5's continue for 9v9 soccer. The challenges build on the 7v7 framework and will help you achieve even more with your players and your team overall.

Your 9v9 Soccer Season
The game experience changes at 9v9: 

Two more players.

No build-out line.

With this in mind, the practice will now be tailored to include more players and more demands to use power 5's for success.