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Inaugural Game Title: Rocket League Soccar

Tournament Dates: Sundays this Winter!

The inaugural trio of tournaments

  • Compete for free! with others in the SF soccer community in our inaugural Esports season for an epic SFYS SCORE Store prize (one item of your choice!)

There will be three tournaments running simultaneously (and you're welcome to compete in each of them simultaneously):

  1. The 1v1 tournament game mode will be Heatseeker (ball movement is autocorrected to the goal) - this is a game mode that is perfect for some with little to zero skill in the game because you simply need to get your car in front of the ball and the ball does the rest of the work!  (Regular 5 min match)

  2. The 2v2 Duos tournament (regular duo with no special rules) will be Soccar bare bones version with no special caveats; grab a partner and play off one another!  (Regular 5 minute match)
  3. The 3v3 Rumble tournament (3 per side with PowerUps!) - If you have ever played Mario Kart, the concept of the items is very similar but you are still trying to score on the opponents goal!  (Reg 5 minute match)

SF Youth Soccer is pleased to announce ou first eSports season via the Mission Control app!

  • Open to SFYS members and friends of all ages (Players, Parents, Coaches, Referees)
  • School's out, let's game!

There's enough variety to entertain all skill levels (even us novice parents!):

Whether you play the game regularly or you are downloading it solely for this tournament; esporting in the off season is a great way to keep people connected. (We gamed with our youth referees all through the pandemic - in fact, we've even got a soccer gaming Discord you're welcome to join as well! Email david@sfyouthsoccer.com for details!)

Play with your parents, play against your coach, pair up with teammates or rivals and dominate online! Safe, fun and - this winter only! - FREE

Tournament Requirements:

  • Gaming Platforms (Switch, PlayStation 4, Playstation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC)
    • ​Rocket League (It's a free-to-download, cross-platform game)
  • Mission Control App
    • Make a Profile
    • Search for SF Youth Soccer
    • Choose your tournament (or all 3)!