​​​The SF Youth Soccer coaches education program is aimed at impacting the coach, who can then impact their team.

We recognize that:

- a bad experience can lead to children dropping out of sports.

- We also see that fewer than 30% of coaches at U14 / 6th and 7th grades have received sport-specific skills. Reference

SFYS not only requires the USSF 'F' License, but we provide supplemental education opportunities to help the coach achieve more and help to grow the game.

Additional Playing Opportunities:​


US Soccer says there should be 2-3 practices between competitive play for players. Unfortunately, in SF we get 1 designated practice slot due to the demand on fields. However, this does not mean you can't find another way to get your team together to play:

Street Soccer Park USA

High-5 Sports

Shared School Yards

The Beach

Clinics Coming:​

We are still working on the specifics of fall coaching classes. Keep checking back for updates.

​We will have classroom and on field opportunities.

Mandatory Coaches Meetings

More Players Playing Longer
Enabled coaches are more likely to progress with their team, instead of 'going as far as they can', which is typically 5th grade / U12.

We invest our time and resources in educating the coaches at each level to encourage the playing opportunity for their players.

Confident Coaches

Our clinics provide relevant and important tips, techniques, and styles of coaching that coaches can add to their toolboxes. Coaches will feel confident in their ability to coach the players on their team, and not just to 'run a practice', which leads to increased engagement and participation.