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At the league's Annual Meeting in January 2001, the coaches voted to have "silence" on one Saturday per season: a "Silent Saturday". The coaches recognized that the vast majority of parents just cheer for the kids and the kids love that cheering. However, the coaches felt that the loss of the cheering for ONE game was worth it to meet the following objectives:

  • To re-emphasize that the game is about having fun and letting children play

  • To support coaches who want to give their players a chance to play totally on their own but are unwilling to do it when the coach standing next to them is providing constant direction; 

  • To help the few parents and coaches who feel that they must provide constant direction to the players understand that the kids can play very well on their own with limited instruction.​


  • Spectators may chat amongst themselves and clap.
  • Coaches may speak to players on the bench
  • 2nd-3rd Grade Coaches - Direction only in case of major errors
  • 4th-8th Grade Coaches - No Direction, only allowed to yell for substitution​
  • Upper House Coaches - No Direction, only allowed to yell for substitution
  • SFYS Varsity Coaches - No Direction, only allowed to yell for substitution

RULES For Silent Saturday & Sunday

For Spectators:

  • Folks are free to chat on the sideline, but they may not make any comments on the game or direct any comments to players on the field. They may only cheer by clapping.

For Coaches of 2nd & 3rd Grade:

  • You may provide direction to players only in the case of clear and major errors. An example is a defensive player who has forgotten and moved up to play offense - comment would be "Tommy - remember you are a defender." Another example would be left vs. right wings. For a player with the ball, direction should be limited to telling the player that they are heading toward the wrong goal. The special San Francisco Youth Soccer rules on substitutions are still applicable. During substitutions you may also direct a player to change position. You may speak quietly to any players who are on the bench.​

For Coaches of Varsity, Upper House + 4th Grade and above:

  • You may not provide any direction to players who are on the field. The only thing you may yell out is "Substitution" at the time when it is permitted (your own throw in or either team’s goal kick). At this time you may also direct a player to change position. You may speak quietly to any players who are on the bench.

For Players:

  • Please prepare your players that this will be a much quieter game. Also please encourage them to speak to each other when they are on the field. Coaches may want to consider having an offensive and defensive player on the field that is coordinating their efforts on the field. Players on the field are free to support each other and provide direction to each other. Players on the bench may cheer freely but may not provide instruction to those on the field.

For Referees:

  • If spectators and/or coaches are not following the rules, the referees are to stop the game at the next whistle and speak to the coaches (and, if necessary, have the coaches speak to the spectators). Coaches who disregard the referee's direction will be subject to carding and/or suspension.