• TEAM VOTING REPRESENTATIVES- Most, but not all, teams have an identified Voting Representative (See posted list of Voting Representatives.)

  • ​​​If a team wishes to change its Voting Representative, it may do so any timeby 5pm on May 22, 2017 by completing this form. Note that teams who failed to designate a unique rep will not be issued a ballot to vote.

  • SGM ATTENDANCE - Attendance at the SGM will be restricted to Members / Designated Voting Representatives, Proxies, and nominees for the Board. 

    • If your Team Voting Representative cannot or would prefer not to attend the meeting, please complete the proxy form and assign someone to cast a ballot on your behalf.
      • Note that a proxy must vote exactly as the voting rep indicated on their proxy, or the vote doesn't count.

  • ​​AGENDA - The following matters will be presented to the members for action at the Special General Meeting, and no other business may be transacted

    1. Whether Po Bronson should be removed as a Director of SFYS.
    2. Whether the SFYS Board of Directors should consider adopting a Conflict of Interest Policy for the corporation.
    3. Whether the SFYS Board of Directors should consider adopting a policy requiring SFYS Directors, officers, and employees to disclose affiliations with other youth soccer organizations.


  • SF YOUTH SOCCER POSITION -  Per Board Meeting 7 April 2017: "Resolution: The SFYS Board makes a declaration of supporting the retention of Po Bronson on the Board, and is in the process of drafting Conflict of Interest and Director Disclosure policies."


The SGM is a Special General Meeting requested by a small subset of Members.


TUESDAY, 23 MAY @ 7:00PM


              PROXY FORM​​

If a voting rep can’t attend the meeting, their voice can still be heard. A voting member may proxy their vote to another parent or even to SFYS staff. If you don’t have someone to proxy who will be in attendance at the meeting, you may use SFYS Executive Director Scotty Kober. Note that proxies are required to vote as you indicate on the form.  

If you appoint Scotty Kober, Executive Director of San Francisco Youth Soccer, to be your proxy, you can return a validly completed and signed proxy by 1pm May 23, 2017. Preferred delivery is via email at info@sfyouthsoccer.com. 

In cases when you appoint somebody else, a
 validly completed and signed proxy may be returned in advance of the Special General Meeting by doing one of the following, in each case with the completed proxy arriving at the corporation by no later than 5pm May 22, 2017 :

  1. Mail or deliver it to the corporation at SF Youth Soccer, 1434 Taraval, San Francisco, CA 94116
  2. Scan and email it to the corporation at info@sfyouthsoccer.com
  3. Fax it to the corporation at (415) 504-8133

To acknowledge receipt of your proxy, we will make an entry here Voting Representatives.

If not returned in advance, your proxy can show up at the meeting with a validly submitted form.

We hope for 100% voting participation!




  • Please arrive at 6:30pm to check in. ​Parking can be tricky, so if you're not taking public transport or a hired car, please give yourself extra time.

  •  ​​PHOTO IDENTIFICATION WILL BE REQUIRED  for AGM check-in and ballot issuance. If a proxy hasn't been submitted by the deadline, it can be brought in person.

  • Attendance at the AGM will be restricted to Members / Designated Voting Representatives, Proxies, and nominees for the Board.

  • Meeting Agenda, Procedures & Rules

  • The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00pm
  • Location: San Francisco County Fair Building, 1199 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122