Spring is set up to be an 7-8 game season ​over 9 game weekends, depending on the number of teams in your division and the number of byes your team is granted. Brackets with odd numbers of teams will have forced byes, which may not be able to coincide with a requested conflict weekend - especially as school spring breaks do not align city-wide. As ever, we will make every effort to give all teams the maximum possible number of matches.

For SPRING 2020, in-season reschedules will be different.

We hope you won't need a change because teams must submit any bye request in advance of scheduling, using the Bye Request Form (link pending)​.  SFYS is encouraging you to be flexible in your requests' and consider the dates that are already bye weeks - encourage travel / plans / parties over those weeks to fill your spring with as much soccer as possible.

  • Note the red dates - NO GAMES on these weekends.
  • No Upper House matches for play week 6 to allow for Fall Competitive Team Tryouts
    • Optional for players to participate.

If you do need an in-season schedule change:

  • ​​Submit the change request form (link pending)​ and pay $100.
  • We (you, your opponent and SFYS) have one week to make the reschedule happen.
  • No reschedule within the week = forfeit of the game.

  • There are no Playoffs, Pins, Medals or Trophies in any age or division for Spring play.

  • Limited Guest Play will be permitted in Spring, as in Fall regular season. Guest Players must be authorized by original team coach to guest team (Push, not Pull) within the Affinity system so that they appear on the Game Day Photo Roster.

If you are playing Futsal / Winter Indoor, please note that you could have an SFYS scheduled game on the same day. If there is a time conflict, we will work with you and your opponent to adjust the schedule. Minus any major conflicts, please be prepared to play indoor and outdoor on the same day.

Scheduling ​Notes:

  • Teams will not be scheduled without:
    • Having their STAR declared.
    • If they have outstanding dues from previous seasons. 

  • Teams may only submit ONE bye request in advance of scheduling.
    • Spring breaks are all different, and create a massive problem for scheduling. 
    • Not all Bye requests can be honored.



Find your schedule under 'Teams and Schedules'

Brackets (Flights)

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  • 2nd - 3rd Grade
  • 4th - 8th Grade
  • Upper House​

Spring Schedule Timeline

Th 12/5 : Team Reg Deadline

Jan/Feb : Team STAR Training

Jan/Feb : Coach License Field Training

​March 4 : SF Soccer Fair

Mar 7-8 : Opening Weekend

Apr 4-5 : No Games / GGP 150th

Apr 11-12 : No Games per SFRPD

Apr 25-26 : Comp UH No Games

Apr 25-26 : Comp Tryouts (Optional)

May 16-17 : Spring Season Close

mid-May : Fall Registration Due

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  •  Recreational Schedules 
  •  Upper House Schedules