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  • 4th - 8th Grade
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Spring Schedule Timeline


Scheduling Notes:

  • Teams will not be scheduled without having their STAR declared. Declare right here.
  • Teams may only submit ONE bye request.
  • Spring breaks are all different, and create a problem for scheduling. Teams should choose a time they can play on a weekend (first or last game of the day, for example), instead of requesting the entire weekend off.

SPRING 2020  



The SFYS Recreational and SF Upper House schedules take into consideration literally hundreds of conflicts and bye requests as best we were able given the information and the field slots we have to work with. If it was possible to accommodate a bye or schedule request, we have endeavored to do it. In the case where it was not possible, we have taken into consideration the early AM vs. late PM offset.

For teams that still find problematic schedule issues, the following applies:

  • No change will be made without the agreement of both teams. If your opponents are open to moving a game (which may require a team to play a second game in a weekend or a second game on the same day), we are happy to let you know if there are any slots available.
  • Beginning the change process with at least two weeks' advance notice helps everyone makes the change work!


            Email requests will not be honored.

  • Schedule Change Fee is $50 with minimum two weeks' notice.
  • Schedule Change Fee is $100 with less than two weeks' notice. 
  • Important : Late Schedule Change Requests made less than one week in advance may not be considered at all. If they are, they will be subject to $200 change fee.

Find your schedule under 'Teams and Schedules'

​SFYS Spring Season : Dates TBC, 2020

Spring is set up to be an 7-8 game season, depending on the number of teams in your division and the number of byes your team is granted. Brackets with odd numbers of teams will have forced byes, which may not be able to coincide with a requested conflict weekend - especially as school spring breaks do not align city-wide. As ever, we will make every effort to give all teams the maximum possible number of matches.

​Season: Dates, TBC

  • No Rec or Upper House matches will be scheduled... TBC
  • No Upper House matches weekend TBC to allow for Fall Competitive Team Tryouts*
    • Optional for players to participate.

  • There are no Playoffs, Pins, Medals or Trophies in any age or division for Spring play.

  • Limited Guest Play will be permitted in Spring, as in Fall regular season. Guest Players must be authorized by original team coach to guest team (Push, not Pull) within the Affinity system so that they appear on the Game Day Photo Roster.
  • If you have a Futsal / Winter Indoor conflict, please use the schedule conflict form, below

The schedule is FINAL as of Monday 2/11.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a schedule request - we have worked to grant those requests.


Links pending

  •  Recreational Schedules 
  •  Upper House Schedules

If, after reviewing your schedule, you have a request, please submit that request via the form on the right of this page. This includes ​Futsal / Winter Indoor conflicts.​​