Special Notes

  • 2nd Grade Teams
    • 1H of season : 4 games in weeks 1-5 (minus one team who requested 2 weeks off.)
    • 2H of season​ : 4 games in weeks 6-10

  • Team Time is back!
  • Do you need a schedule change?
    Note 1: Field Allocations are restricted; we do not have open fields except where a cancellation has occurred. Teams should not submit a schedule request unless the minimum necessary number of players cannot attend on the day. It is not possible to customize to suit a coach's personal commitments.

    Note 2: Schedule changes are not free.

Looking for a Team? Need a Player? 
Spring is a busy season! Lots of soccer players branch out to other activities, so don't hesitate to reach out. Teams with short rosters can combine with others for the spring season as well. 

​​​Season Overview

  • Spring Season is expected to run March 12 - May 22, 2022 
    • Scheduling Goal: 8 Games. Depends on size of flights and team byes.
    • Games may be scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays.
    • Games WILL be scheduled April 16th -17th (Easter Weekend) unless teams opt out.​
    • NO GAMES April 30th/May 1st - fields will be used for Fall Team Tryouts 
    • Schedules cannot be customized to accommodate other sports.
    • Spring is a Development Season. There are no playoffs.

  • Re: Referees - SFYS will, as ever, work to recruit, retain, mentor and support San Francisco-based youth and adult referees. In fact, no other local club or organization does more. However, as evidenced this Fall season, the year and a half took a toll on the referee pool, and only a small fraction of our adult referees returned. If your Team S.T.A.R. would like to get their referee badge, SFYS will reimburse them! SFYS S.T.A.R. To Ref Program 
    • Youth Referee Training and Mentoring will be offered throughout the Winter in advance of the Spring season. Check here for more details.

  • Roster minimum confirmed and Registration payment due by
    ​December 8, 2021

    • Players may continue to add up to and during the season, but no new Teams will be added after 8 December. Note: New players must add by 14 Feb 2022 to be guaranteed eligible for opening weekend play.

Spring Team Management

SPRING 2022