All coaches and managers must be added to the team's current roster in SQWAD and have SFYS verify completion of safety training and risk management steps before they are eligible to participate in SFYS league activities.

Add a coach or manager to the roster

  • Click here for Fall 2023 SQWAD Registration Instructions
  • Click here for a checklist of safety training and risk management requirements

SFYS does not hire or place coaches on teams for league play. Anyone who completes all safety training and risk management requirements (including a background check and LiveScan fingerprinting) is eligible to coach. SFYS team coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, including paid coaches (independent and/or employed by a club or school), parent and teacher volunteers, and former or current college athletes. 

Interested in becoming a coach? Click here for more information on the SFYS Community Portal!

Remove a coach or manager from the roster

  • Contact the SFYS office and we will remove them from the roster. Please have on hand the full team name as show on the roster in SQWAD
  • Email: