SPRING 2023 Registration Instructions

Click here for full Spring 2023 Registration Instructions

Click on Section V. A-C from the Table of Contents for instructions specific to administrators.

Overview of Administrator Registration Requirements (Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager)

1. Register or log into our registration platform, SQWAD: Please use the same email and your full legal name across all platforms–this helps us confirm you’ve completed all the requirements quickly & easily. If you already have an account you’ve been using for a player’s registration, you just need to add a separate profile for yourself (see section II in registration instructions linked above).

2. Get on the roster:  If you are creating a new team, you will automatically add yourself to the roster.  If you are joining an existing team, their manager or coach will invite you to join the roster via the email address attached to your account.

3. ALL Coaches and Managers: complete state & federal risk management requirements

4. Coaches ONLY: complete SFYS coach training requirements

5. SFYS reviews your requirements for completion and validates them in SQWAD 
- Pre-season: we check for completion in batches (e.g. one day we’ll be checking for RSI, the next ISHPE, etc.) so validation will not be immediate, but we’ll get to you before the season starts

- During the season: our office can get busy while we’re in season, so please allow up to 5 business days for our staff to review your requirements for completion