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Registration Instructions

1.  Complete the Intent to Play form NO LATER THAN 5pm on Friday, March 5th so we can configure your team for registration. 

2.  Register online in the Affinity system 

3. Practice Field Assignment will be coordinated with SF Rec & Park following close of player registration. (Expect week of March 8th for Draft week of March 15th)

  • ​Practice field communication will come from SF Rec & Park to designated Primary Contacts (as submitted on Intent). SFRPD’s online practice field reservation system is called Spotery. The selection process is called the Draft. Designated Primary Contacts will be emailed instructions for how to use the system and given the opportunity to designate and Authorized Drafter if that person is different from the Primary Contact.

4.  Uniforms and Gear. Uniform requirements are that:

  • Each player wear the same color jersey with unique numbers on the back (ie, not two #8s) - masking tape and big sharpie'd numbers ok!
  • Goalkeepers must have a jersey that is a different color than BOTH teams. 
  • It is advisable to have on hand practice scrimmage vests/pinnies of a color different from your jerseys just in case your opponent shows up wearing the same color.
  • Due to Covid19 and Return To Play Dept. of Health guidelines, there should be no sharing of pinnies, goalkeeper shirts or gloves.
  • Additional Considerations 

​Season​ Modifications

  • Players may only participate in one Out of School Time Program. That means if your players sign up for a soccer team, you can not sign up for another sport or another out of school time activity. This is a health department requirement to limit
    possible spread.

  • No Guest Play or Player Transfers: Players must stick with their team pod

  • SFYS League Play for the mini-season at $50 / player
    • Season will include at least 6 games and 9 weeks of practices
    • There will be no Playoffs, Trophies or Medals for this Spring mini-season
    • ​No Team Fee / Spring 2021 is per player, non-refundable.
      • Note: Returning Spring 2020 SFYS League-registered players will have $20 season cancellation credit applied at checkout.

  • Registration Options:
    • Practice Only (keep or create OST pods and continue with no matches)
    • SFYS Recreational League (2nd - 8th Grade : 7v7 and 9v9)
    • Competitive SF Upper House League (U9-U19 : Competitive 7v7, 9v9, 11v11)
      • ​Note: Depending on the number of teams registered, older age groups may be combined for flights. Draft flights will be posted March 11th with a 24 hour review period and finalized March 12th so we can begin scheduling.
    • Competitive Small-sided SFYS Varsity League (U19 : Competitive 9v9)

  • Spring 2021 Team Roster Minimum and Maximums 
    • There will be no Playoffs, Trophies or Medals for this Spring mini-season

  • SAY Soccer requires two adults at every practice and game. Make sure to designate a parent to be in attendance if your assistant coach is going to coach a different team. (Reference: SAY Soccer "Times Two" Policy)

  • Coach and Team STAR certifications recommended, but not required for Spring. Certifications - including field training - WILL be required for Fall play.

  • Covid Considerations & SFDPH Restrictions
    • Participants may not participate in other programs (including OST programs) at the same time
    • Masks are required at all times by players, coaches, and spectators. If players, coaches, or spectators do not wish to wear a mask they should not participate.
    • Coaches must bring hand sanitizer to practices and games. Players should sanitize hands before and after practice/games and during breaks.
    • Limited attendance for fans and modified spectator restrictions: Spectators are limited to only 1 family member and may have limited viewing areas.
    • No food or drinks are allowed on the field. No post-game snacks.
    • Players and spectators must leave the field immediately following their games
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