Shop & Earn! Shop with amazing brands and earn cash for your Fundraiser. FlipGive is like eScrip, with the key differentiator being that teams can earn 8-50% of each purchase for their team (vs 3-5%). Friends and Family can Shop (on the participating merchant site), purchase an Electronic Gift Card or even just make a direct Online Donation. Individuals, teams and schools are eligible - it's free to set up, and takes less than a minute to get started. Learn more here

Another advantage of FlipGive is that any team, school or individual can

raise money - and have access to that money whenever you need it (no waiting for payouts)! Get Started Here.


For schools and charitable organizations only. Good Sports provides equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Your US-based organization directly serves youth between the ages of 3-18 years old​ in an economically disadvantaged area
  • Your organization operates an organized sport or fitness program that offers consistent and structured opportunity for play to large groups of children
  • More information & Application

Spring Shopping Event

Interested in helping support player scholarships and financial aid grants?  Your donation is fully tax-deductible. Click the Donate button below or shop via the link below. And thank you!

TeamSnap SFYS Subscription Discount



Leverage the power of engaging with a brand on social media

to earn funds and/or gear for your team or club:

Pear Up has built a technological framework
for companies to target sponsorship dollars
​to specific demographics. 

  1. The companies allocate x number of dollars
  2. The Pear site displays those offers and 
  3. Teams, clubs, individuals promote.

Companies are essentially designating marketing dollars as direct sponsorships to get real eyeballs, not invisible clicks or robot views - to their brands. As a further benefit, those marketing dollars result in direct support of real players/teams/clubs, which bolsters a corporation's Community Support initiatives.

​If a team decides to take advantage, the folks that sign up to support the team have a series of optional ways to engage (watch an ad, answer a few questions about product usage, Like on Facebook, etc.) - folks can do none of the options, some or all - there is a different dollar benefit amount attached to the engagement.

It's 100% free to launch and for folks to participate in. Each Pear lasts 10 days, most Pears generate average $450. The best part of all? It’s free for you and your supporters and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete all the tasks which earn you money. ​

You can set it up, no problem, on your own. But if you'd like some guidance or have questions, feel free to contact Steve Manes at Pear:

There are many ways for SF Youth Soccer teams and clubs to raise funds for and save money on uniforms, equipment, travel, tournaments, etc. Click through the various offers below for more information.