There are several parents that have been scanned because of work: SFUSD, UCSF, CYO Coach or other organizations. Doesn't matter. Organizations are not allowed to share your data between agencies. LiveScan is a one-time usage scan and it is common for coaches to have been scanned by multiple organizations. You must be scanned specifically for CalNorth (ORI Code AE689).

Coaches scanned and cleared for CalNorth last year do NOT need to be LiveScanned again for the current 2020-21 season. IMPORTANT: This process can be quick or it can take months to clear and then finally updated in the system. We urge all coaches/managers to get scanned as early as possible so there are no delays in activating teams or making passes.

  • Incoming Microsoccer Coaches and Managers, if you were cleared in Microsoccer, you should be good to go for SFYS and not require a scan. HOWEVER, that is not always the case. 
  • Notes - The number one factor in delay of clearance is failing to use one's legal name for both the LiveScan form and their Affinity Sports account. The number two factor is spaces (or lack thereof) and hyphenated names (usually have to be manually matched with results).


  • 1st - Register in the Fall 2020 CalNorth US Soccer Connect system. LiveScan results are connected to this account. One must register here each year to authorize access to background clearance status.

  • 2nd - Make LiveScan appointment (some locations are first come first serve)

    • Photo ID = Valid Government-issued photo identification (Driver's License, Passport, Military or US Resident Card ...)
    • CalNorth LiveScan form (print from US Soccer Connect registration system)
      • Only one scan for CalNorth required. The code (ORI Code AE689) is the critical thing, not which form is used.

  • 3rd - After your appointment, send a copy of COMPLETED LiveScan form to SF Youth Soccer.
    The form can be returned via snail mail, fax, scan/email or drop off. The completed form will have an ATI # on it, which is critical data for matching the clearance with your record. You'll need to manually add your Team Name to the document when you send (a copy of) it in to us.

** You are free to choose (at your own expense) an alternate authorized vendor, but we recommend using a Capital Livescan vendor since CalNorth has a contract with Capital and there should be no cost to SF Youth Soccer coaches at a CLS location.

At left is a map displaying the locations of some San Francisco-based Capital Livescan vendors. Click to access most current list.