​​​SFYS and Tryouts

There is no centralized place to find tryout times and locations. Refer to the approved team and club flyers for more information and confirm with the team or club you are interested in trying out for when and where tryouts are. We HIGHLY recommend attending team practices (when health orders allow) in advance of tryouts to get a sense of coaching and playing styles, so that your players only attend tryouts that make sense for them.

2021 Tryout Flyers


1/ SFYS does not endorse any club. If you see our logo on a flyer, it is because that club has teams that participate in our SF Youth Soccer Leagues.

2/ Reminder: SFYS Player Registration costs for SFYS house league recreational and competitive play is only $70-$100 for Fall and $55-$80 for Spring (Financial Aid available). Any charges above that are for team or club benefits (coaching, uniforms, etc.), which vary - please be clear of SFYS charges.

For Players

Players may register for ONE TEAM only. Need Clarification about what that means? Click Here. This rule applies to All Players at all levels - but all Travel Players will have to sign a commitment form to confirm their understanding of this city rule.

Reminder: Where you play is largely up to you! Make sure the team or club is the right fit before making the commitment to play. Once registered on a team, there is no guarantee of transfer, so be certain that the team is right for your player.

It is not possible to attend all the tryouts during the tryout weekend, so, Do. Your. Research. 

Tryouts for competitive soccer in San Francisco are on pause. For 2021 tryouts will be held virtually.

​When SFYS has more information about the process for tryouts, we will update this page.

Until then, we advise you to research which club/team(s) you might consider joining and reach out to them to ask any pertinent questions.

If you are looking for guidance in general around tryouts, please check out this guidance page.