SF Competitive Upper House is a local competitive league of San Francisco teams, ages 9 to 15. SFYS Upper House is made up primarily of Gold, Silver and Bronze strength select teams. For the vast majority of teams, the competition is strong enough to provide a good challenge. Many teams prefer not to drive long distances for games every week, and prefer tournament play for additional competition. Importantly, the Upper House leagues do not require you to join a club.


Traditionally, SF Upper House is a significant step up from Recreational soccer, both in strength of play and in the commitment required. Some clubs have a minimum playing time policy, but the SFYS does not have any such rule or guarantee. Almost all the Upper House level competitive teams play at least fall and spring. The majority attend tournaments. Many teams also play winter futsal and/or summer league.

The SFYS Upper House will host club teams from across the city as the league expands to 'let the kids play' and keep competition within the city for this special season.

What does this mean?
Whilst the classification of Upper House changes, the name does not.
However SFYS will be opening up registration to accept all INDEPENDENT and CLUBCOMPETITIVE TEAMS from San Francisco.

The result will be competitive divisions that provide a playing level from
Copper to Gold. The playing levels will be designated based on team self-allocating through the 'intent to play' and after a review period, the SFYS Upper House league will provide a challenging and competitive season for teams without the need to travel outside of the city!

What we need, for ensuring excellent competition for all, is for all teams to be declared by Friday, March 5th at 5pm.

If clubs have further questions or concerns about the classification of 'upper house' and the level of play, please reach out to SFYS.