Every year SFYS has the privilege of running Spring and Fall soccer for the kids in San Francisco. Traditionally, SFYS has never had to cap the number of teams and allow soccer to grow organically. Unfortunately the positive rise in player participation does not always translate to a increase in officiants available to meet the needs of soccer matches in the city.

With there being over 8,000 players and 2,000 coaches (roughly), you would think that out of that soccer community, enough referees would be available to cover all the games in the city; but that is not always the case.

There is a plethora of opportunity for the average teenager to make good money on the weekends when his or her schedule is not in conflict with school or extra circular activity. We have youth referees who have played soccer, and those who have just seen an opportunity to make money. But what is common between the two is that refereeing provides the individual with leadership experience, communication skills, and how to sufficiently manage time and people.

On average a referee can make as little as $25 an hour and as much as $45 a game. With games all over the city and back to back game slots, it can be a lucrative opportunity for a teenager to make some money on the side and have some autonomy. Being classed as an independent contractor, allows a referee to set there own schedule.

The referee training last for 9 hours, the referee license lasts for 12 months (annual renewal), the cost of the course is $75 and can be made back in a days work; but the experience and connections that this job opportunity can create for you are priceless.

Are you in?

David Reardon, Program Manager & Referee



SF Youth Soccer employs referees who are certified by CNRA (California North Referee Administration). Get the training necessary to referee matches.

Upcoming Courses on the US Soccer Digital Learning Center:

Created for referees who regularly attend our weekly in-season Referee Roundtables, we though it would be a cool idea to take things virtual with everyone working to #flattenthecurve and hopefully this helps alleviate that itch to be outside kicking a real ball ( ... okay, nothing can alleviate *that* itch!). 

You can find the Referee Roundtable stream every week at the same time as normal Roundtable (from 6:30-8pm) on Twitch, by searching for SF_Youth_Soccer. 

If you have a PlayStation account and your own copy of FIFA20, you can add TheBestLook7 and I (David Reardon) will go head to head with you!!

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