There are three requirements to secure payment for referee'ing SFYS matches:

  1. Every referee must submit a signed W-9 form to SFYS. Print the form, complete and sign it and then submit to the SF Youth Soccer office with proper identification. (Scans and faxes ok.)

  2. ​Referee payment is based on game reporting. All Referees on every match must report. Submit match reports via Pensra.

  3. We require timely score reports that include the names of both teams' S.T.A.R.s. ​We reserve the right to deduct $5.00 per match from late reported matches and/or lack of S.T.A.R.'s reported. Deadline to report scores to receive full rate of pay is 24 hours. 

  • ​General Bonus: +$10 for every match you stay and ref in a pinch on a game where an assigned ref doesn't show.

  • Solo Rec Grass Field Center Bonus: +$5 per match for solo centering at a complex with only one SFYS soccer pitch (Palega, Sutter, Larsen)

ADULTS and Youth 12+
Want to ref with SFYS?

​Need to renew or upgrade your certification? Training Dates will be posted throughout the year. In the meantime, fill out this
Referee Inquiry Form and we'll notify you of referee events and trainings.


Referee Levels 


The grade level of the referee has nothing to do with your school grade.

  • Entry Level Referee certification course is Grade 9.
  • Next level up is Grade 8. Both are entry level courses, but the Grade 8 spends more time expanding on the nuances of the offside infraction.

Game Assignment

  • Youth refs must be at least two years older than the age group you officiate. You should not sign up for matches your sibling plays on. Sign up for a match on adjacent pitch if you are trying to do games during the same time.
Grade 9 

Center on Rec U8-U14 games you meet the age requirement for.
First Year Grade 9 referees may also AR on competitive matches but must upgrade to Grade 8 referee after the first year.

Grade 8 

Center or Assistant Referee on all ages Rec or Competitive U8-U14 games

Level | Team Age Payment per Game Notes
Rec 2nd-3rd Grades $25 per game Each team provides linesperson (S.T.A.R.)
Referee report to get paid
Rec 4th-5th Grades $30 per game Each team provides linesperson (S.T.A.R.)
Referee report to get paid
Rec 6th-8th Grades $35 per game Each team provides linesperson (S.T.A.R.)
Referee report to get paid
Upper House U9-U10 $35 per game Each team provides linesperson (S.T.A.R.)
Referee report to get paid
Upper House U11-U12 $35 CR
$20 AR per game
If no AR, each team provides linesperson (S.T.A.R.)
Referee report to get paid
Upper House U13-U15 $40 CR
$35 AR per game
If no AR, each team provides linesperson (S.T.A.R.)
All Referees report to get paid

Updated for Fall 2019​

How SF Youth Soccer Supports Refs

  • Pre- and mid-season gatherings/pizza parties to groove you into the various systems, meet other refs, answer questions you might have about SFYS rules/procedures.

  • New referees may sign up to be at a field with a mentor the first couple of weeks. Check with your referee assignor if you are interested in our Referee Mentor Program.

  • Follow up gatherings to provide more support or just have fun getting to know your fellow referees.

Referees are independent contractors (not SFYS employees). 

  1. Referee responsibilities are to get assignments to officiate matches
  2. Show up at your assignment at least 15 minutes early to do inspection
  3. Check players in - make sure the players on the pitch are the ones on the player passes - and they are not wearing jewelry and have proper soccer gear (shinguards, cleats, matching jersey with unique number).
  4. Call the game - based on league rules/playing ages
  5. Report scores and S.T.A.R.s - the same weekend of the games (so you can be paid in full) 

Center vs. AR (Assistant Referee or Linesperson)

A Center referee for recreational matches are usually the only official at the match. Linespersons or Assistant referees for competitive matches may be certified officials such as yourself or for recreational matches, may be a volunteer parent with minimal training to help call the in and out of bounds. Center Referees are in charge and may override applicable calls made by the Assistant Referee (Linesperson). 

​                      REF LOGISTICS

Referees are independent contractors that will access several different websites in order to secure matches to ref and also to report scores (requirement to get paid).

​To get assignments, you will need to log on to the PENSRA Referee Assignment system​. Once in the PENSRA site, it is important to pay attention to where the games are and the hosting organization so you can figure out reporting and any W-9 requirement or PayPal account issues.
[Click here to learn how to use PENSRA]

Note that SFYS requires all referees to submit page 1 of the  W-9 form filled out and signed by the referee. This includes minors. It may be emailed, faxed to 415-504-8133 or posted to: SF Youth Soccer, 1434 Taraval St, Suite A, San Francisco, CA 94116.

SF Youth Soccer runs both Fall and Spring soccer for SFYS Recreational and SF Upper House (competitive) play. PENSRA Match Reports must be submitted by every referee on the game in order to be paid.