SCHOOL SOCCER - What is it all about?

SFYS identified elementary schools as the perfect place to provide a soccer program that provides more than just skills and can allow everyone to play. Everyone in a grade or on the playground during the time frame of 'School Soccer' is allowed to participate, so long as their participation waiver is signed.

Grades that participate are picked based on timing and availability of SFYS, as well as playground space. Most of our soccer programming, as you see from the pictures, is done on black top (or in a hall if it rains!) so we don't need a fancy soccer field to play! We work with the children on setting up the goals, picking their teams, and getting the game going. After two to three weeks the children have grasped the foundation of 'School Soccer' and are leading the way! 

Programming can take place during or after school and SFYS is currently partnered with four schools, whilst working to add more. Our current school partners are:

  • West Portal Elementary School @ lunch time
  • Sloat Elementary School @ lunch time
  • Glen Park Elementary School @ after school time
  • Flynn Elementary School @ after school time
  • ​Rooftop Elementary School @ lunch time

SEL study.

For the 2018 spring semester, SFYS have partnered with Algorhythm and UpActive to perform a Social and Emotional Learning study, using Soccer as the vehicle for engagement with the children across 4 school sites. We believe Soccer is a valuable tool, as quoted above, but we want to see it in data to help grow this program and influence other organizations / soccer clubs to do more in the community. 

Have you been invited, but would like to opt out? You can do so, right here.

"​​​Playing soccer is great, but too many at an early age focus on just the game and not the outcomes. Health, activity that raises the heart rate, friendships, learning to win and lose, perseverance, teamwork and most of all enjoyment are all important lessons which are the real outcomes of a child participating in high-quality soccer programming." - David Batch, Chief Executive of Premier Education Group

If you would like to speak with SFYS about bringing 'School Soccer' to your school, please COMPLETE THIS FORM TO START THE CONVERSATION.

Also, check out the program in action from our SFYS Facebook page​​

SFYS is committed to serving the Youth of San Francisco and creating as many opportunities as possible to play Soccer. With that in mind, 'SFYS School Soccer' was initiated in January of 2017 and continues to impact children across the City.

Did you know that you can get SFYS into your school for lunch time or after school soccer?
​We'll come 1 day per week, or every couple of weeks (depending on demand across the city) to be on the grounds at lunch time. We set up several small-sided game fields and encourage the kids to just play. A big push for us with SFYS is to promote the free play element, which gives more kids confidence and exposure to the game and ultimately leads to more kids playing in the structured team environment.


Taking Soccer to schools in the City to grow the game